We’re low-crawling through trouble and need your help!

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We’re low-crawling through the underbrush. Ahead there are raised voices and dust clouds and some kind of structure. Go here: https://melindakucsera.com/2017/10/02/into-the-heart-of-power-a-riddle-a-quest/ for your next mission. Sift through our last adventure for clues to solve the riddle excerpted below:

[“It says  _ ARA_ _ _ _            ES_ A _ E   and under that, there’s a banner–”

The bubble, and its strange message rise above the curtain wall. There are ropes draped over its top. Are they used for climbing? My spirits rise at the thought. It looks nice and bouncy.

“I see it. Damn it. There are tears in the banner. I can’t make out parts of it. ‘Come to the SP_C_L_T_V_   F_ _ ST  at the  #SP_C_   S_MM_T   where CL_ _N   _A_T_S_      R_A_S   _N_I_H_E_   Y_U_  H_R_Z_N_S.”]

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