We Wish You A Happy New Year

Hi Readers!

The cast of the Curse Breaker series, and our scribe, Melinda, wish you and yours a very happy and prosperous New Year.

We’re truly grateful for your eyes, your attention, your emails, thoughts, and prayers. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us on this journey. You’re always in our thoughts and prayers.

Since this is the time of year for goals, here’s ours:

  1. Q1 publish:
    1.  Curse Breaker: Falls (on Jan. 31)
    2. our first boxed set which includes books 1-4
    3. a novella in the Heroes of a Different Kind multi-author boxed set (mid- to late March)
    4. Shards for His Present: A Curse Breaker Christmas Story (part 4 is below)
  2. Q2 publish:
    1. Curse Breaker: Sundered
    2. Ride the Darkness
  3. Q3 publish:
    1. Curse Breaker: Towered
  4. Q4 publish:
    1. Curse Breaker 7 (we can’t agree on a title)
    2. A novella in Swords, Sorcery & Santa: Have Yourself An Epic Fantasy Christmas Multi-author boxed set (title not confirmed, but we’re organizing this one!)

And that’s our plan for 2018. Please don’t show it to our scribe. She still works full-time as a project manager and has a long commute, which cuts into her writing time. If she saw our plans, she might faint. But we believe she can do it if she gives up sleeping and other activities. 😉

Let’s hope we achieve all that and more and that you achieve your 2018 goals. Together we can make 2018 a great year!

And now, the moment you didn’t know you were waiting for. We took all your feedback into consideration and put together a new cover for Curse Breaker: Falls. We’d love to hear what you think of it.


(This is Ran. I love it even though I don’t look exactly like that boy, but his expression of wonder is spot-on. I think I wander around with that same expression. But we don’t have a mirror in our cave so I could be wrong. Also, I might be biased.)

 And now, what you’ve really been waiting for, part 4 of our special holiday adventure:

Shards for His Present:

A Curse Breaker Christmas New Years Exclusive

Part 4

(Read Part 1 here, part 2 here, and Part 3 here.)

“Do you see it?” Nolo asked over the wind pelting ice pellets at them.

The glow of Sarn’s eyes died the crystal daggers assaulting his skin a sickly green. “I can’t see anything in this.”

Nor do I want to. It’s bloody freezing out here. Sarn stuffed his gloved hands deeper into his sleeves, but the wind cut right through the two sweaters and a cloak he was wearing.

“Just keep looking.”

“What are we looking for?”

“Nothing you need worry about.”

Sarn rolled his eyes at his master’s pat answer to every question. Fates forbid anyone ever answer him. The Rangers acted like the world would end if they did.

“How can I find something if I don’t know what I’m looking for?”

Sarn stamped his feet to warm them and wished he had four more pairs of socks between him and the snow crunching under his boots. One thin pair was not proof against those ankle-deep drifts. Only the map floating around inside his head gave him any clue to their location. They were approaching the River Nirthal, not the mountain where they lived. Double damn.

A voice danced on the wind and its song wrapped around Sarn, turning him away from the river, the mountain, and the baby waiting for him. He faced the frosty forest. A figure sat on a white moose between its outermost boughs. She wore a long white cloak and she beckoned to Sarn.

He tripped over his numb feet as he backed away. She was the Huntress of the Sleeping Woods, and the hounds of the Wild Hunt were baying in the distance.  His skin prickled and his heart raced at the realization. She was something other than human.

“Come, join us. Ride with me, Mageling.” She patted her steed and indeed, there was plenty of room on his furry back.

“No,” Sarn tried to say, but his voice wouldn’t cooperate. Memories were rising, digging sharp claws into his mind. He pressed both numb hands against his aching head as scenes ricocheted past his mind’s eye too fast to identify until her face rose out of the morass. Her rosebud lips made a moue of distaste.

“Why deny me? You rode with me once before. Don’t you remember? Or did he make you forget?” Her eyes were emeralds drilling into Nolo.

“Sarn?” Nolo squeezed his shoulder. His coal black hand was chapped and crusted with ice, but Nolo was always prepared.

“Where are your gloves?” Sarn asked.

It was a stupid question, but he couldn’t stop staring at Nolo’s hands. They are shaking as he captured them in his gloved ones and rubbed them. His hands weren’t much warmer. Only the magic skittering across his skin kept winter from biting too deep into his bones.

Nolo doubled as the Death’s Marksman’s black aura put in an appearance. It peered over the Ranger’s shoulder at the girl in white. She stiffened and her lips twisted into a sneer as she flicked snow at Nolo.

“Begone Death’s Watcher. My business is not with the Deathless this night.”

Nolo flew backward and hit the river. Ice cracked under him as Sarn ran toward him and pulled off his cloak.

“Hold on!” he twisted it into a rope and the magic-soaked thing reacted to his wishes. It stayed furled as he hurled one end at Nolo just before his master slid under the water.

The cold winds were blowing, the kidnapped child wakes, but lil’ baby Ran, no crying he makes–until his sleigh-riding captor held him up. Ran extended a tiny hand to the young man hauling on his improvised rope. He waggled his fingers as if trying to catch the green light his teenaged father’s eyes put out. But the bright one was a mile away and the river was cracking under him.

“Get off the river!” someone shouted from far off as the sleigh pulled away.

To be continued next week.


Until next time, this is Ran signing off. I have to rest my voice after shouting at my father from the future.

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Until next time, dear reader

This is Ran, son of Sarn, “the Goal-Setting Character” wishing you a Happy New Year!

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