The Angels Are Coming!

Hi Readers!

Well, our scribe did it. She finished Auntie Sovvan’s adventure by the deadline. Her first stab at main-character-hood will take her from the formless gray of limbo (the Gray Between) to the gates of heaven as she quests to find out the truth about her death. Of course, she’ll also try to save my Papa and I, but one demon, two dragons, five angels and a pack of memory-eating pachyderms stand in her way.

Worry not, my auntie is one plucky soul as you saw in Curse Breaker: Enchanted + Curse Breaker: Falls.

Here’s a sneak preview of:

His Angelic Keeper

by Melinda Kucsera

Not Your Usual Greeting

Hi Readers!

Welcome to the Angel’s unofficial guide to the Curse Breaker series. Ah, I mean, His Angelic Keeper, the first book in my break-out series. It’s also book number I don’t know what of the Curse Breaker series because I appear in books 1 and 4. His Angelic Keeper tells my side of the story.

(There’s some debate about whether this book should count as book 5 or if the series should be renumbered with my book elbowing Darkens out of its number 2 slot. I’m fine with it either way, but my nephew is so adorable when he argues, I have no incentive to resolve that quandary anytime soon.)

Instead of your usual greeter, my nephew, you got me, his Auntie because I haven’t ‘met’ my nephew yet. How could I not know my nephew? Well, medical care doesn’t exist in Shayari for anyone who’s not wealthy and even then, most remedies will kill you. (We haven’t discovered germs yet.) So, I died before the first book in the Curse Breaker series.

But you already guessed that. Since we’re all friends here, you can just call me—ah, well now that’s embarrassing. The story hasn’t even begun yet and I’ve already forgotten my name. How strange.

Well, I had a name just a moment ago. I’m sure it’ll come back to me. Wait a minute—what’s all this gray stuff? It’s oozing all over the paper I’m writing on and eating it?

Now it’s devouring the table too and are those proboscises? (You know those long flexible trunks elephants have.) What’re those things feeling around for?

Oh, Shades and Blades, it’s tearing through the wall.
And now it’s not. A fog bank just rolled over it and that proboscis vanished.

Don’t run away! There’s something I must tell you—something important. But look at your hands. They’ve gone all translucent and smoky.

Don’t panic. We’re fading into the gray fog subsuming everything. It doesn’t hurt, so we must survive this, right?
I don’t remember why I must speak to you. The reason disappeared with my name and the room when the fog took us.

Are you still there? Call out if you hear me. All right, I guess you’re back where you belong, safe in your favorite reading nook while the fog carries me to the beginning of my tale.

I hope you enjoy His Angelic Keeper. It’s my first stab at the whole main character thing and I do mean stab. Hang onto your halo, this’ll be a bumpy ride through some odd corners of the afterlife.

—Your hero for this tale, name currently unknown

[End of Excerpt, but we know who she is, don’t we? I spoiled that surprise! 😉 ]

This is Ran, the sociable character wishing you a great week!

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