Getting Clarity

Hi Readers!
We were hoping to show you a draft of the cover for Sundered using our 3D doubles today, but the first render (mon night) was too dark, the second render (Tuesday night) was out of focus and the third render (Wednesday night) rendered from the wrong camera so it’s dark, fuzzy and we’re really far away from the camera.
We have high hopes that tonight’s render (Thursday) will finally be right. So keep your fingers crossed!
Who knew 3d software packages came with cameras and that you have to adjust these bizarre things like f/stop, focal distance and about 10 other parameters we’ve never heard of. We have no idea why the first few renders we showed you were in focus because we didn’t adjust any of those settings for them.
Before Tuesday night when we asked Google how to get our 3d doubles in focus, we had no idea those controls existed.
We render and learn.
So instead of unveiling our first crack at a 3d cover imagery for Sundered, we’ll just leave you with our latest adventure and return to our vigil around the magical, but mostly frozen, PC.
Come on pixels. You can do it! Render us well-lit and in-focus!
— Love and hugs,
Ran, the digital son of Sarn + his overworked scribe 😉