Sundered in 3d

Hi Readers!
Your good thoughts, well-wishes, and crossed fingers helped! The first draft of a cover for Sundered using our 3d doubles is here! Ignore our faces. Our scribe has not been able to afford the plugin to fix our faces yet.
For Sundered, we wanted a more symbolic cover. Papa has no magic in this book, (that’s why he’s wearing black. I’m mourning its loss and lobbying for its return.) So we went with an image that we hope captures the everyday hero, the father who’ll do anything to protect his son (me). And, I like sky beams. So there’s a sky beam strategically placed behind my hand. I might have shamelessly begged for that. 😉 After all, there’s still lots of magic in this book. We’re just not the ones throwing it around.
What do you think?


–Ran, son of Sarn + his overworked scribe, Melinda

Version 1:


Version 2: