When scribes fall, stories collapse

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We hope you enjoyed our special presentation last week. Before we return to Papa’s dramatic fall and what I hope will be an equally dramatic rescue by J.C. and myself, I want to give you a quick update.

(Psst! If you missed an episode, all our back issues are conveniently listed in reverse chronological order here. If you’re looking for our books, they’re all here, and they’re chock full of magical mayhem.)

Now back to our update. 🙂 Our scribe created a first draft of the cover for book 5, Sundered, starring our 3d doubles.  We debuted it to our Facebook group (everyone’s welcome to join it.) We’ll be discussing covers and showing more versions this week. I’m determined to get a great cover by our next newsletter because I really want to release a preview. But the preview needs a cover.

If you’re not comfortable with Facebook, that’s cool. We’ll also post on our website, and tweet, and Instagram and Google+ and…I guess that’s it. We could pin them to a draft board if you want. We have a Pinterest account. Or you could just hit reply to any of our newsletters and email us. We try to answer within 24 hours.

So that’s where we’re at. Oh, and we’re also discussing Auntie Sovvan’s book covers. The designer we hired to do His Angelic Keeper and His Angelic Keeper: Hidden disappeared on us. Thank God, we hadn’t paid for anything yet. So we’re looking for ideas for her covers, which naturally will feature a 3d version of her doing something. Papa and I can cover-crash since we have frequent and important cameos, but we’re not sure we should since His Angelic Keeper is her book.

And now for today’s adventure.

Today’s Adventure

I held tightly to J.C., and He somehow guided the giant dove-winged book we were riding without any reins. He must have used his special powers to communicate with the book and to keep from sliding forward off its glossy black spine. Since it was a giant book, not an eagle, it didn’t have a head. Its spine ended in a nice sharp edge that J.C. never got anywhere near.

But I had a perfect view of it since I sat on His lap. I turned away from that edge, and the green smears rushing up to meet us and wrapped my arms around his waist as best as I could. Behind J.C., the book flapped wings that were twice the length of its cover and images flickered on its feathers.

“That’s us!” I pointed.

Meanwhile, the story-bubble floated past us, and the glowing miniature dragon clinging to my arm flapped its wings to steady itself. Before it could, the wind shearing past knocked it off, ripping its talons from my sleeve. It left a long rent behind. Papa wouldn’t be happy about that.

The Newsletter-Dragon righted itself and spread its wings to catch an updraft that soon sent it gliding upward, past the story-bubble and those nice ladies running from the dark creatures pursuing them. I alternated between watching that bubble’s slowing rise and scanning for Papa and our scribe until the bubble wobbled. Lines crisscrossed it, and the picture grew fuzzy then seemed to fray, spilling glowing motes in its wake.

“J.C., what’s happening to the story-bubble?”

“It’s destabilizing. It’ll break up soon,” He said with a tired sigh.

“Can you stabilize it?”

“Only the scribe who created that world can do that. I’ll try to reach A.M. Rycroft.” J.C. went silent and His kind, dark eyes, which sometimes held all of eternity in them, unfocused.

“Hold on, nice ladies. Your scribe will save you, and we’ll save Papa and my scribe.”

The bubble flickered and white light drowned out the scene. I had to look away before the light blinded me. A popping sound made me turn. The bubble was gone, and those two women fell until another book streaked out of the blue to scoop them up in its extended hands.

“Hey. How come their book has hands and ours doesn’t?”

“Their scribe is driving that book, but our scribe is missing from hers.”

“Oh, I guess that makes sense.”

“When you have a scribe at the helm, all things are possible.” J.C. smiled. “And we’ll soon have your scribe back at the helm of your stories.”

“You see her? What about Papa?”

I craned my neck, but all I saw were variegated greens that reminded me of Papa’s Ranger clothes. They couldn’t make up their mind about what kind of green they wanted to be either.

“Look there.” J.C. pointed. “I think that’s them. We’d better hurry. Hold on tight.”

He didn’t have to hold on because his powers kept him from falling off. I had no such protection just an arm slung around my waist. Maybe His special powers were holding me in place too. I couldn’t feel them, but that didn’t mean they weren’t there. Special powers were like that.

“Where? I don’t see them.”

But I wanted to with all my heart. I didn’t like being separated from Papa, not even when he went to work each night. But this was different. Who knew what trouble Papa would end up in without me there. And that would be totally unfair. After all, adventures are meant to be shared. But we had to find Papa first.

Tune in next week to find out what happened to Papa and our scribe, Melinda.

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