Shards for his Present



(A Curse Breaker Novel)

Some presents should stay wrapped, and some adventures should stay in the past.

The hunt begins this winter.

(Posted on 6/11/2018 by Ran, son of Sarn)

Update #1

I’m the main character in this one, yes me, Ran, your newsletter narrator. That’s right, you’re stuck in my bubbly teenage head as I run into some time-bending trouble. It all started with a mysterious orb and an old woman. I know. I shouldn’t accept presents from strangers, but it was shiny, and you know how much I love glowing things.

But this orb showed me more than I bargained for. It uncovered things Papa didn’t want me to know. And this time, he doesn’t know I’m in danger.

Current word count: 45,000/ 153 pages

It feels like this book is at the halfway point. I have more mayhem in mind, and this is my book. So, what I say goes. 😉

Publish date: around Christmas/New Years because I said so. My scribe must make that happen.