When Angels Take Over, the Feathers Fly!

Hi Readers,

We hope you enjoyed our funny Valentine’s Day adventure, Curse Breaker: Shops. If you missed any of the mayhem, you can read it here.

No, this isn’t Ran. He’s a softly snoring lump under a blue-and-white crocheted blanket right now. (Said blanket is a tad lopsided.) Our scribe is a better writer than a crocheter, but every once in a while, she picks up a crochet hook and gives it a go. The results are soft but uneven. Ran seems to like it, so that’s what matters, right?

So, who am I? Well, I’m not teenage Ran, or ‘Future Ran’ or whatever he’s calling himself this week.


The door opened startling Sovvan before she could finish her thought. She turned to face the newcomer and banged her wings against the kitchen table. Ouch. I have to be more careful. Sovvan rubbed her throbbing wing-bone-thing.

White features drifted in the damp breeze coming off the Hudson River. Trees shrouded it, but the river was there, somewhere behind a grocery store and another housing development. So was the broom. It leaned against the open window reminding her she’d need to sweep up before Melinda returned from her parents’ house.    

Future Ran closed the door to our scribe’s apartment and for a moment, she just stared at him. He looked so much like his father did at seventeen. Even though his eyes didn’t glow, the resemblance was still uncanny and he knew it. Ran struck a heroic pose, something his shy, soft-spoken father would never do and scanned the room.

What are you looking for? 

His gaze finally settled on the laptop.

Ah, so that’s it. You fancy a bit of newsletter mischief. Sorry, sonny boy, I beat you to it. Sovvan suppressed a smile.

Rain dribbled down his boots and dripped off his soaked cloak. Future Ran took in his younger self asleep on his father’s chest and the six-foot-tall angel at the keyboard. A slow, knowing smile spread across his face.

“Auntie Sovvan, what are you doing?”

“I’m writing a note to my friends. What are you doing here? This isn’t your time period.”

Future Ran looked sheepish, but his eyes never strayed from the laptop screen. He couldn’t read the text from where he stood, but he was trying. Sarn had gotten his son the best education he could manage over his son’s protests, of course. So this version of him could read quite well.

Ran stepped off the mat, leaving a puddle behind him. It expanded as he approached Sovvan. She pointed a glowing finger at him. Light flared along her pinions and rushed up the shafts of her feathers. When the charge reached her core, it fanned out and the world went white.

Whistling softly, Sovvan turned back to her interrupted note:


Sorry, about that interruption. Don’t worry, ‘Future Ran’ is fine. I banished him back to the future where he belongs. One Ran is adorable. Two is more than this angel can handle and she doesn’t mind admitting it.

I just met Young Ran in Curse Breaker: Falls. I’d like a little time to get to know him, thank you very much. 

I’m not ready for my darling nephew to grow up yet and time travel really isn’t my thing. You’ll have to wait for Shard for his Present to find out why. Let’s just say the space-time continuum has rules concerning angels.

But you’ll see more of Future Ran in Shards for his Present. Our scribe can’t give out a final date yet since she’s having trouble finding an editor. But her birthday is in March, so it’s a safe bet that at some point in March, it’ll be in stores and in your hands.

Yes, I’m Sovvan, Sarn’s sister, if you hadn’t guessed by now. I had a dramatic cameo in Enchanted then came back with wings and attitude (the good kind) to help my brother and his son in Curse Breaker: Falls. I will definitely be in Sundered, Shards for his Present and my own not yet titled adventure. 

But I didn’t take over this week to talk about that. Okay, maybe did I a little. I am the only angel I know with an open-ended book deal. I’m just going to bask in that for a moment if you don’t mind.

Okay, my moment’s over. Before one of my handlers shows up with an assignment for me–yes, I’m still an angel-in-training–I wanted to take a moment to remember those we’ve lost and loved.

Let’s light a candle in our hearts for them, so they’ll always have a home.

Let’s contemplate the vastness of the sky. It’s eternal and ever-changing. Our worries are passing things. So lets our worries go. Let them float away. Just be in this moment with me.

Be at peace with the world and everyone in it. Send that peace out to those who need it.

And may angels lead them in.

Be at peace, my friends.

— Sovvan, sister to Sarn, “Angel-in-Training”

P.S. if you see my handlers or any angels at all, tell them what an awesome job I’m doing. 😉

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Until next time, dear reader

This is Sovvan, sister of Sarn, “the angelic character” wishing you a great week!


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