Curse Breaker Shops – Our Funny Valentine’s Day Adventure

Hi Readers,

I’m back. Did you miss me? (It’s Ran, by the way. If you missed last week’s adventure, you can catch up on it here.)

We hope you had a Happy Valentine’s day. Ours was a bit crazy. Our beloved Scribe fell ill, and we embarked on an adventure to bring her relief. So without further ado, I bring you, Curse Breaker: Shops – a short Valentine’s day adventure.


[Our talented Scribe created the above image because photoshop makes everything better. L to R, some Scary Dude, me, and Papa. Uncle Miren didn’t fit in the frame.]

While an evil corporation held our Scribe captive, we raced between metal-boxy things (cars?) flying between the canyons of a city called New Rochelle.

(Remember, outside of our books, we’re invisible. So please don’t hex those drivers if you’re so inclined.)

Thick columns held a structure of unknown use above our heads, but we pushed on. (I, of course, rode in the cart where adorable little boys/heroes-in-training belong 😉 )

The grocery store squatted at the end of the cavern. Our mission: fetch some chicken soup with rice for our sick Scribe. But not just any soup. Our wonderful Scribe has many food allergies, so we brought Uncle Miren to read the labels.

As those glass doors parted, more aisles than I can count greeted us.

“How’ll we find a can of soup in here?” I asked. The store seemed endless.

Papa thought for a moment. “They’re in metal cans, right?”

I nodded.

“There’s a lot of metal in that aisle.” Papa pointed.

Before we could move, a shop clerk approached. Her chocolate eyes latched onto Papa. Apparently, she fancied tall twenty-something, cloak-wearing men with glowing eyes.

Or perhaps she fancied the scary dude unsheathing his sword by the floral arrangements. I didn’t wait to find out. I lobbed an orange at him.

“Everyone falls,” said the Scary Dude as he dodged.

He crooked his index finger at the stunned shop clerk and she shuffled toward him. So did every shopper in the store.

Before he could work his evil mojo on Papa, I launched myself off the cart and hit Papa as he was turning. We took out a display of teddy bears. One of them glared at me as it rolled by. (No bears were harmed. I promise.)

“I’m sorry,” I said as I dug through the plush toys to find my laughing Papa. He gave me a one-armed hug.

“Hey, watch where you’re throwing those.” Uncle Miren ducked as a bear sailed past his head–and it winked at me!

“Bear!” I shouted.

Papa pulled me behind a display. Dozens of roses gazed at me. They looked sad, so I took one for our Scribe. The red rose perked up in my hand, so I picked a friend for it.

The instant I withdrew my hand, Scary Dude sliced through the display and struck Papa’s shield sending roses and sparks flying. Papa shoved me behind shelves of produce. I grabbed an apple to throw but it was so red and ripe, I ate it instead. Fighting bad guys was hungry work.

Uncle Miren chucked a table at the Scary sword-swinging Dude, and Papa deflected several loaded shopping carts headed our way. Instead of plowing into us, his magic sent them careening into the Scary Dude. They struck him as he pivoted to kick Uncle Miren, and he went down.

Papa pulled his limping half-brother out of the fray while nearby shoppers woke from their partial trance. They, of course, stared at Papa who was striding over to pick me up.

“We better find that soup fast,” I said between bites. With my free hand, I held up another apple. “Want one? They have more.”

“I’ll take one then we’d better go. I hear shrieking.” Uncle Miren grimaced as he took the apple from me.

Indeed, red and blue lights were strobing outside the store accompanied by a siren, not good.  I shoved an apple in Papa’s capacious pocket for later.

“What about the soup?”

“Melinda will just have to live without it. I doubt they’ve one she could eat anyway.”

I looked to Papa for the final decision but he was listening to his magic, not our conversation.

“What did you see?”

“Trouble, let’s go.”

Papa headed for the exit but stopped when an official-looking fellow with a blue bowtie approached us. I handed him a fist full of the paper money our Scribe gave us and the store owner stared at my hand. Likely, the money looked like it was floating in mid-air. Papa was carrying me, after all.

“For any damages, we caused,” Papa said and the man started.

People can’t see us outside of our books, but sometimes they can hear us.

Papa didn’t give the store owner time to complain. At his nod, I dropped the money and he vaulted the metal rail between us and the doors. Uncle Miren was already outside. So were the Guards in their familiar blue uniforms. (I think they’re called ‘police’ in your world.)

We sauntered by, nodding as we passed. Was there was a twinkle in their eyes and perhaps, a suppressed smile or two? Apparently, our showdown had a few witnesses and maybe, a few fans.

When we reached our scribe’s cubicle, I presented her with our harrowing tale, two red roses, and an apple and she smiled her thanks at me.

We hope you enjoyed our Valentine’s day adventure. From our hearts to yours, we wish you a happy, though, belated Valentine’s day. We hope yours was less dramatic than ours was. 😉

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