Why you shouldn’t bring your fictional child to work

Hi Readers,

This is your scribe speaking. I don’t often commandeer my own newsletter. Each week, I love seeing what Ran comes up with, but this week really hit me hard. So I’m sidelining Ran this week. Sorry, hun.

Okay, now he’s making puppy eyes at me. Fictional characters are so needy. Okay, kiddo, you can speak up at the end. Yes, I promise. Okay, now back to my note.

Every February, I remember my sister, Carolyn. In February 1998, she nearly died from diabetes. Carolyn was 14. She struggled for the next sixteen years to live with her diagnosis and her disease.

On February 22, 2014, she passed away and punched a hole in my life that’s slowly closing thanks to you.

Her death was sudden and it overshadowed everything. But underneath that quagmire of grief, a fierce determination fired me–life wouldn’t snuff me out like that.

I would hold my candle tight and light the dark
–even if it was only for one person.

My candle was my first book, Enchanted, the original version. (Not to be confused with the ‘More Epic Version‘ which I like better.)

I wrote and published it for her and for all those who died without realizing their dreams.

And a certain character is pacing around my cubicle. It’s sort of disconcerting that none of my coworkers see him. Don’t they take their fictional children to work with them? 0_o

(Why is Ran at work with me instead of hanging out in my apartment writing you funny emails? Because I was feeling blue, so I brought a copy of Curse Breaker: Falls to work w/me. I had no idea he would come with the book.)


A couple of days ago, I received a copy of Curse Breaker: Falls in the mail. Maybe the cover isn’t marketable or the best designed, but there’s something real about it. Because I wrote Curse Breaker: Falls for you, not my sister. And maybe I wrote it for me too.

Yes, Ran, I wrote it for you too. Aww, thank you for the smile, hun.

When I received a copy of Curse Breaker: Falls, I hugged it and the version of me who started this journey. I held all the struggles, the pain, the black moments, bleak thoughts, loneliness, antisocial-just-leave-me-alone cries for help, the late nights, lost sleep and days of worry knotting my stomach.

Curse Breaker: Falls is a high-five to the 36-year-old version of me who’d published Enchanted on faith with no clue what she was doing and persisted despite every obstacle thrown in her path.

Curse Breaker: Falls an affirmation, a promise I kept to deliver the best book I can to you on the day I promised.  And I did.

I wish I could hug every single one of you who signed up for my newsletter list, bought a copy of my books, wrote a review or considered writing one, followed by rambling, flash-fiction blog in those dark early days, emailed me (or my characters, Ran loves fan mail), Facebooked, tweeted, Instagrammed or otherwise supported, loved, shared, read, cried with me or was just there.

I love you all. And every February, I am reminded of how grateful I am for you.

You mean the world to me. You are the light I am crawling out of the dark toward.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

— Melinda Kucsera, aka, “the Scribe”

And now, I have to let Ran have his say or I might have another mutiny on my hands.

(See the bonus scene at the end of Curse Breaker: Falls for a hilarious account of the first ever character-run mutiny. Ran was definitely involved. Though I cannot confirm or deny whether or not he was the ringleader. The answer might surprise you.)

Hi Readers!

It’s me, Ran, I want to thank you on behalf of the cast and offer digital hugs too! We also love you. (Though I love you most of all. Don’t tell Melinda that!)

We’re excited by the progress our Scribe is making on Curse Breaker: Sundered. But you didn’t hear about it from me. Our Scribe was called into a mysterious meeting with her boss. I may or may not have orchestrated that. 😉

It’s fun being invisible. I can type things on unattended keyboards and send email invites that call a certain scribe away from her desk. So, she’s not supervising this, and her cubemate keeps staring at the keys my invisible little fingers press. Maybe he’s seeing things. Maybe he’s not. 😉

Uh-oh, Melinda’s coming. Before I hit send, so she can’t see what I wrote, I have an announcement to make.

This summer, we’re coming to Kobo, Nook, iBooks, Google Play and everywhere ebooks are sold. So if you’re part of Kindle Unlimited, you can read Darkens, Faceted & Falls for free until the end of April when our term expires. After that, we’ll be launching in other ebook stores with giveaways and other fun things. It’ll be a great summer.

(If you have book swag suggestions send them to me at melinda@melinda-kucsera.com. I suggested we give winners signed copies and their very own bear, but Ghost Bear shot down my suggestion. He’s really touchy about teddy bears, but Papa thought it was a great idea.)

Uh-oh, she’s back!

Have a wonderful week!

— Ran, Son of Sarn, “The Giving Character”

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Until next time, dear reader

This is Ran, son of Sarn, “The Newsletter Hijacker” + Melinda Kucsera, “the Scribe” wishing you a great week and happy reading!

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