She’s back! (with wings and a halo)

Hi Readers!

We hope you’re enjoying our adventures because there’s more to come!

It’s official! Our angelic cast member, a certain sister (and auntie to the writer of this missive), is getting her own story!

You saw her in Curse Breaker: Enchanted(She had a dramatic cameo near the end.) In Curse Breaker: Fallsshe’s back–this time with wings and a shiny new halo. Come hell or demons, Papa’s deceased sister-turned-angel, Sovvan, flew in to help because we can’t take on three villains and their goons alone.

And she has actual lines in this one! I may or may not have a conversation with her in Falls. You’ll have to read it to find out.

Auntie Sovvan’s getting her own story!

That’s right. The organizers of the Angels and Magic boxed set have asked our scribe to contribute an adventure! What better story to tell than Sovvan’s transformation from ghostly do-gooder to the angelic champion you see in Curse Breaker: Falls?

We couldn’t think of one either, so we accepted on behalf of our scribe.

Angels + Magic is slated for publication this summer. (Title may change as we get closer to launch, but so far that’s it.) You can take wing with our heroine, Sovvan, and fourteen others.

So grab your copies of Curse Breaker: Enchanted to see her debut and Curse Breaker: Falls to see her evolution. She might save Papa’s butt a time or two in Curse Breaker: Falls (and mine too). And, of course, she’ll be in Curse Breaker: Sundered, the sequel to Curse Breaker: Falls because we’ll need some serious help to overcome the bad guys.

Then get ready to see how she earned her wings in between Enchanted and Falls. I’m dying to know, and I might have pressured our sweet scribe into telling her story. Maybe. Just a tad. You’ll forgive me, won’t you? )

I have to run now. Gotta keep my scribe writing.  She’s got lots of deadlines and lots of great stories to write. I want all of them by summer 2018. Don’t you?

— Ran, Son of Sarn, “Heralder of Great Stories”

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