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I’m so excited. I hope you are too. Today is the big day. Our fourth book, Curse Breaker: Falls, is officially on sale. Yes, the wait *is* over. Find out what we (and that scary dude the ‘Adversary’) do next.

We just can’t get rid of that soul-stealing troublemaker.

In Curse Breaker: Falls, we’re facing not one but three villains. Yes, you read that right–three villains. (Because one zealot with a magic-destroying rock wasn’t enough.)

What did we do to deserve this?

Well, there was this mutiny and–oh, I’m not supposed to tell you about that. 😉

(But our awesome scribe captured the incident and I snuck it into Curse Breaker: Falls so you can see how the ‘Father of Lies:’

  • took over Curse Breaker: Falls
  • tricked us into taking on three villains and their goons.
  • overrode all our scribe’s attempts to take back her book.

We promised to let our scribe retake the helm in the sequel.

Yes, there will be a sequel. I still have to grow up, and Papa has to achieve his dream. No, that’s not a spoiler. That’s where the series is headed.

Last week we gave you a glimpse of what the heroes (Papa and I) are doing in Curse Breaker: Falls. Today, we’re showing you how the nefarious half of our cast is getting along.

(The Adversary might be standing over me as I write this. He might be threating to steal my soul. I might run to Papa the instant I hit send. 0_o)

Curse Breaker: Falls

[Excerpt #2. Missed Excerpt #1? Read it here. Or grab the book here.]

Outside Mount Eredren, a lone man opened and closed his mouth and the most inconceivable things fell out. Dirk wanted to go into the enchanted forest? Why the hell would he want to go there? It was about to be destroyed.

The Adversary stared at the fortyish fellow. Feeling his disguise slip, he pulled his everyman’s face into a mask of skepticism. Some of his dark presence spilled through before he could stop it, and Dirk shivered.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?”

Dirk nodded and gestured to those confounded standing stones. “I want to see what they want to show me.” 

Their double ring of trouble enclosed the meadow. Well, there went that plan, for now.

Beyond those creepy standing stones, the enchanted forest extended massive branches, and they arched over the invisible cordon those damned menhirs maintained. Both the forest and the menhirs were a relic of a dead age. Someone should rip them out of the ground and toss them out like all the other rubbish left over from the so-called ‘Age of Magic.’

“Dirk! Listen to me.”

But the man wasn’t listening to anyone. Without a backward glance, Dirk broke into a run heading for those damned menhirs and the forest giants beckoning to him. Dirk looked ridiculous with his dirt-smeared clothes flapping in the wind. Blood had soaked into the hem of his trousers and ichor had streaked his tunic. What a picture the conman made to the tradesman and green-uniformed Rangers he passed. Of course, they didn’t give Dirk more than a passing glance as they strode toward the mountain brooding behind the Adversary.

Run along to your little lives, your petty concerns. Pay no attention to the dark force tearing your world apart. The Adversary finger-waved to those oblivious mortals. His bland countenance fell into shadow as a pawn dropped onto the grass at his feet.

The Adversary picked it up and cursed. The Queen of All Trees had made her play right under his nose. Damn, she was good. He hadn’t seen nor sensed her meddling. But she’d drawn Dirk off the path he’d laid out for the conman. Damn her!

Setting his plans to send more black lumir crystals out into the world aside, the Adversary examined the black pawn. The irony of it made his lips quirk into a crooked smile under his deep hood. Finally, he’d found a worthy opponent. Now it’s my turn, Queenie, he sent on the wind blowing out of the northwest. And what a turn I’ll take.

She didn’t answer. Rumor claimed she never did. Talking was beneath her. But she would beg in the end, they all did. And he would bring her into the darkness and bind her like all the rest of the mighty who’d fallen at his feet.

Whistling a jaunty tune, the Adversary tossed the pawn into the air. It spun nine times widdershins—a good sign—then vanished into his pocket. In a swirl of dark cloth, the Adversary turned to follow Dirk. This round wasn’t over yet. Nor could the conman escape so easily, not while he carried a piece of the Adversary in his heart.

Before the Adversary had taken more than a couple of steps, a reverberation in the magic dragged his attention to a black hole cut in the mountain’s feet. Well, well, well, what have we here?

Every strain of magic had its own key, and every spell, its own song. But this one was strange. Either there were several mages or one mage slinging spells from more than one magical discipline.

Perhaps Aralore’s merry band of zealots had left a few mages alive. That didn’t seem possible given the sword-loving priestess’ proclivities. Might this be a distraction?

What are you up to Queenie? The Adversary strained his ears for more information. His bones were tuning forks. Each one vibrated in sequence until he identified the tones he was hearing.

Three distinct tunes merged into two somewhere close judging by their volume. The Adversary rushed through that vertical bar of black back into the mountain. He could reclaim Dirk later. After all, there was no escape from the Adversary, not for a man who’d sold his soul for a few precious coins.

[End of Excerpt. Get the Full Story Here.]

We hope you enjoy Curse Breaker: Falls. I’m downloading our copy now as I run to Papa. Our scribe has the Kindle app on her cell phone. 🙂 I might have borrowed it without asking. And she might be searching high and low for it right now. (The Adversary made me do it. I swear! Don’t tell her it was me!)

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