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Mount Eredren groaned, and the ground under Sarn’s knees trembled. Ran rushed to his side, frightened of the shaking.

“What’s happening?”

“I don’t know, but I’ll find out.” And if I can, I’ll put a stop to it.

After all, something had attacked the Queen of All Trees’ magical glade before she’d sent them away, and that something might still be trying to break through. Was her sylvan refuge truly a place outside of time as it had seemed or was it somewhere near enough he could go to her and—what? Offer a mythological magical entity his aid?

What can you do? You can’t even get your magic to behave most of the time. A sarcastic voice reminded Sarn, sounding too much like Bear’s for comfort. But it wasn’t. That entity had gone mute since the Queen of All Trees had returned them to his cave.

“How’ll you find out?” Ran regarded Sarn, scared of the answer.

Sarn shrugged. “The only way I know how—by magic.”

“Is the Queen Tree okay?”

“I don’t know, son. That’s what I want to find out.”

“And the cause of the shaking?”

“That too.”

But first, Sarn touched the cold stone of his home and scanned its nooks and crannies one more time. While he mucked about with magic, his son would be vulnerable. Whatever had attacked the Queen of All Trees might already be here.

Ran looked up at him with scared green eyes that thankfully didn’t glow—yet.

Sarn bit his lip and pushed that thought away. Now wasn’t the time to freak out about his four-year-old son eventually inheriting his power. With luck, that day would take forever to come.

Ran’s gaze darted around the cave as the ground shook again. He clamped his stuffed bear against his skinny chest and chewed on its ear. If that sarcastic spirit Bear was still inhabiting the ratty thing, it gave no sign. Bear’s button eyes stayed dark and as impenetrable as the black magic-stealing mist they’d fled from earlier.

But that mist was gone. The Queen of All Trees did something to get rid of it. I need to find out what. If Ghost Bear knew, it wasn’t saying. Sarn glared at the now inanimate toy in his son’s arms.

The ground heaved hard enough to send Ran crashing into him. Sarn caught his wide-eyed son in a one-armed embrace, and the dust dotting his son’s tunic reflected the green glow of his eyes. Those pinpricks were a remnant of the Dryskellions’ grace.

Do what I can’t, son of Adam, the last Dryskellion had said mind-to-mind before she’d disintegrated into a silver mist with the others.

‘Do what I can’t.’ Her final words rang in Sarn’s head bringing her sacrifice to mind, but he suppressed the memory before it could replay. Her final words galvanized Sarn. He let go and his magic flowed.

Emerald light gushed out of his hand, carrying his awareness through the door to the tunnel beyond and away from his son. The Queen of All Trees defeated those killer tentacles. Ran will be okay, Sarn told himself as the distance between them mounted, stretching the tie binding them. He held his son huddled against his chest tight, but he could just barely feel the boy trembling at his side. His mind raced away from his body and his nervous son, riding the magic’s sparkling wave.

His magic swept over everything it passed in its relentless search for answers. Candles lit on his head map. They marked every person his magic encountered, turning them into a cloud of fireflies all heading somewhere. What galvanized them? Some new danger, a resurgence of one already defeated or did they know something he didn’t? Is the Queen of All Trees in danger?

Sarn searched his mental map for her silver symbol as he followed the twisting tunnels deeper into the lowest level under the mountain. A wall of white light sprang up, knocking his magic and his sight away from the Ægeldar. How did I get here?

Her light stabbed the darkness. This shield reminded him of the one around the Queen of All Trees’ glade. It must be her doing.

Are you still in there, my Queen? Earlier she’d had trouble getting around the Litherians’ wards—until he’d done something to help. Bear still needed to explain that.

When Sarn ran his hands over the sparkling wall, patterns emerged. He counted a hundred and forty-four interlocking circles before realizing there were chains within chains. It was the most elegant spell work he’d ever seen. Was this barrier meant to keep something in or out?

Had the Queen of All Trees defeated that many-armed monster, or was it still in there trying to escape?

Just the thought of that creature from the pit sent a cold shudder through Sarn. He reeled as something hooked his magic and yanked him through the bowels of the mountain—and the wall of his cave. What the hell?

Sarn flew right over the head of his kneeling son. A breeze ruffled Ran’s hair and the boy looked up, still chewing on his stuffed bear’s ear. But if he saw anything other than the finger-long stalactites dripping on his head, his little face didn’t show it. Sarn caught one last glimpse of his discarded body, still clutching his son in a one-armed embrace, then he passed through a wall into yet another dim tunnel. The Lower Quarters had miles of them—all alike because the Litherians had gotten lazy when carving them out.

Where’s this thing taking me?


The story continues in Curse Breaker: Falls on sale now.

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