Are we Sundered Yet?

Thank you all.
While trying to fix the issues you raised, this image came together. What do you think? We did two versions–a close-up and a zoomed out.
What’s new? (Other than the pose and colors)
– rips in Sarn’s clothes and his face is dirty. My cloak is torn. We’re still considering how to dirty our clothes.
What do you think? We’re still tweaking the previous one but we’re having technical difficulties with it. My 3D double doesn’t want to cooperate in that one. I think we broke his shoulder. Melinda is researching a solution.
— Ran, son of Sarn, “chief taskmaster”

Version 1: 


Version 2: 


16 thoughts on “Are we Sundered Yet?

    1. Thank you! We we think we found a great pose that shows we’re ready for action even though we don’t have the right tools. And best of all, we look more natural. 🙂 Unfortuantely, it’s rendering too dark, so you can’t see us. We added some more lights and left the scene rendering again. It usually  takes at least three tries to get the lighting right, so we hope to have another version by midweek, sooner if the program cooperates! We’ll find out when our scribe returns from work. I would peak at it before then, but I’m afraid to disrupt the ray tracing. That sounds important. So I’m being a good character and letting it run. I have Melinda’s inbox to play in, so I’m entertained. 🙂 

      Have a great day


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