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Hi Readers,

We hope you had a great week, and you find our updates entertaining and maybe even a tiny bit inspiring. We’re proof of what you can do with just a few hours a week.

(Well, our books do since they’re corporeal, and we’re not. We’re cuter though. At least I am. This is Ran, by the way. Papa concurs on the cuteness thing, but I am the apple of his eye.)

We hope as we put out more books and learn how to sell them better, our scribe can spend less time working for other people and more time working for us. I mean you, the reader. 😉 We’re still striving for an end of August release for Sundered.

Our hardworking scribe put out another idea for a cover. You can check it out here. The pose looks off and it has some technical issues, but we think we mastered the art of ripping our clothes. We also dirtied our faces and conducted some research on how to scar Papa’s digital double. (Sorry, 3D Papa, your face is too perfect, and you’re creeping me out. That’s why I’m hiding my face in that image.)

What’s next for our digital doubles? Since Sundered is about promises, we’re looking for a pose that says we’ll keep getting up and trying to defeat the monsters even though we don’t have the right tools for the job. And by ‘tools,’ I mean magic. We’re going to own our space on the cover and present a compelling image of a father-son team with a can-do attitude because that’s how book 4 ended. And it’s how we go on in book 5.

We’re still working on posing our 3D doubles so you can see us both. After all, I spend every scene with Papa in this one, and Uncle Miren’s pretty pissed about that. So we hope to have a version for you to see midweek on Facebook, our website, and the usual social media outlets.

And now back to today’s adventure. You can catch up on last week’s episode here.

If you missed an episode, all our back issues are here, and they’re coming to an ebook so you can enjoy them offline without having to click through our site to find them. That will happen sometime in the New Year after we deliver the next three books we promised. As with all our initiatives, don’t tell our scribe! We have big editorial plans for her in 2019. She might stress out if she knew. 😉

Today’s Adventure

“Papa, no!” Ran shouted.

He seemed to shout that a lot lately and every time Sarn heard it, the same worry flitted through his mind—am I a bad parent? The thought distracted Sarn, and he missed the flying book he’d been aiming at. Instead, he slid down its glossy cover. The blasted thing offered him no purchase. Neither could his magic latch on. It tried, but the coating on the book rendered it unnatural and impervious to his power. That was a concern in this hybrid state he seemed to inhabit lately. Melinda’s world was fraught with dangers unlike what he faced in Shayari.

Melinda. I’m supposed to save her so she can set something right. J.C. hadn’t explained what was wrong or why, but Sarn was used to operating with less than the whole story. Besides, there hadn’t been time for a protracted discussion earlier, and there wasn’t now, so he pushed those thoughts out of mind. Below, the ground was a lumpy blanket of green rising to meet him at an awesome speed. Thank Fate, Ran is safe. I just hope he stays that way.

This would be the furthest Sarn had ever fallen, and his magic didn’t like it. It strained at his control. Ran called for him again, and his heart yearned to go to his son, but gravity had other plans, and it was winning. Sarn angled his downward dive so his trajectory would intercept Melinda’s. He’d been only a few feet away from her when he’d mistimed the original intercept, but she’d been falling for a few moments longer than he had and that had opened up the distance between them.

She fell like a stone, but there was a soft glow building between her hands. As he neared, the glow became a web of luminous strands weaving a pattern—circles within circles. He strained to reach them. They reminded him of the Queen of All Trees’ calling card. Before he could touch those glowing circles, a tiny dragon made of light dove into the center of the design.

“It’s been fun, but I have a newsletter to return to and email addresses to hoard,” said the Newsletter-Dragon as it vanished into the light building between Melinda’s hands. It had shaped itself into an expanding globe of palest blue.

It mesmerized Sarn, and he didn’t adjust his trajectory until it was too late. He collided with Melinda, and they tumbled in an uncontrolled fall.

Ran was screaming now. So was his magic. It mushroomed out and gathered into a green hemisphere cupping him in a radiance that couldn’t slow his fall no matter how hard it tried. The shield hit the ground first and rebounded. Light blinded Sarn.

You’ll have to wait until next week to find out what I was doing. — Ran, son of Sarn, ‘the teasing character’ 😉

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