Battle for the Light

Hi readers!

We took all of your advice and battled it out with our digital doubles. It was a long, drawn-out affair and after much fiddling and befuddlement and general frustration, we went back to the store where we bought them. We looked through hundreds of poses and my scribe finally gave up and surrendered the almighty credit card.

I wielded that shiny rectangle with all the skill of a kid from a fantasy realm and bought us some epic poses. Papa is amazed by the sheer awesomeness of them. We couldn’t use the really cool ones because they require weapons and Papa doesn’t have access to anything except a broomstick in book 5. So we improvised.

We rendered it all out and were so excited to show you and get your amazing feedback. But we did something to the lights. The first image (Sunday) was all black with a couple of lighter gray lines.

We went back and wrestled with the lights. Well, Papa did. He’s tall enough to reach them. I stood by and directed his efforts like the good boy that I am.

We rendered again (Monday night). It came so bright, we look like cartoons. So we went back to fighting with those lights and crashing the PC with our test renders. We think we got it right enough that you can see us and give us feedback. But we won’t know until our scribe gets home from work tonight.

I’ve got my fingers crossed, and I’m being good and staying away from the computer–so far away, I’m spying on my scribe at her job. No one ever looks up. Well, except Melinda, but she knows we’re here.

😁 Good thing, Papa and I like heights. I’m peering between a gap in the ceiling tiles. Papa’s right here with me wondering how I conned him into this.

It was my sweet smile that did him in.😉 It always does.

Have an awesome day!

–Ran, son of Sarn, “the spying character”