We get Chiascuro’d!

Hi Readers!

We have a new version of the cover! What’s new:
– we have shadows!

So we no longer look like we’re floating.

– We have dramatic lighting!

It might be too dramatic. We’ve tried to move the lights so the shadows it casts aren’t obscuring or otherwise cutting up our faces, but the app keeps crashing. 😦 Is it something we said?

We’re thinking of doing two versions with two different lighting set-ups so we get the nice shadows from the dramatic lighting set-up and the nice softer light on our faces you saw in the last version. (It’s here if you need a visual refresher: https://melindakucsera.com/2018/08/07/are-we-epic-or-are-we-epic)

For some reason known only to the gods of 3d rendering, that softer lighting kit casts no shadows no matter what we set the handy shadow slider thingy in the render engine on.

Is it a conspiracy? Maybe.

We’re tempted to do two versions and let photoshop (and our scribe) work their magic to blend them together.

– We altered our 3d double’s poses a little so they’re a little more accurate.

Papa would never let me stand between him and danger, so our pose now reflects that. We hope.

We tried to move Papa’s staff, but it refuses to cooperate. No really. It just won’t budge. It’s the weirdest thing, and all its pose controls are unlocked. We checked that first thing when it started balking.

I think it’s mad we cut off its spectacular spear point. It’s got all these sharp curvy things radiating off every inch of its top. Since Papa would never let anything edged near me, it has to stay hidden.

Also, where would Papa get a fancy elvish spear from?

Exactly. So, sorry staff. You have to stay cropped.

We hope it looks natural the way it’s positioned. If not, we’ll try again to shift it. Maybe we’ll succeed?

I think that’s all we changed this time around. The bulk of our fiddling was on getting those shadows because we’re not floating. I’d love it if Papa could fly, but he can only jump really far. That’s not flying, but it’s still fun.

Let us know what you think. And thank you for everything you do. You are our guiding lights.

Whatever you do on this rainy, humid Saturday, we hope it’s epic as epic as you are.

— Ran, son of Sarn, “the cover boy” with his scribe and smiling Papa 😉