Back in the 3D Habit

Hi Readers!

We’re back with another version.

What’s new?

< Softer lighting with shadows!

We’re not floating, which is cool, and the light isn’t attacking us. Bonus points! 🙂

< Papa has a new face.

We didn’t buy the plugin to do the faces ourselves. We did some research about that and uncovered many facts which deterred us for now. Namely, and this is my chief concern, it could take weeks for our scribe to get it to look right and find a good face.

So, I went to the 3D store and ogled characters. One of them had to be the face the artist used on our boxed set. This was the closest I found. I think there are some morphs so we might be able to modify it a little here and there, but we haven’t found them yet.

< slightly different pose for Papa.

We brought his arm down. Thank you to Fee Roberts for the reference shots. It looks more natural now.

And now for my pet peeves.

*Rolls up sleeves*

< Something happened to my face.

I have chipmunk cheeks. Papa loves them, but I don’t. I’ve asked my scribe to figure out what happened there. She’s digging through controls in search Facebook of some way to fix that.

< My pose doesn’t quite look right.

I think my right arm (the one under Papa’s) should be over his arm so it looks more like he’s holding me back. Maybe I should angle my body to your right so it looks I’m about to rush off into the light? I do that fairly often.

< Metallic tentacles.

Need I say more? I liked them better when they were black squiggles. We didn’t touch them, but for some reason, the new light set changed them back to metallic. Our scribe needs to sort that out. She must have changed a render setting.

< Papa’s cloak. Green or black? I like both, but we’ll go with the majority rule on this one.

What do you think?

We’d love to hear from you.

This is Ran, son of Sarn, signing off for now. 😉