Correcting the Magical send Button

An astute reader pointed out to us this morning the following very important information:

Perhaps the source of the trouble is due to the FOUR words revolving in that elliptical orbit actually being FIVE.

‘Engage the Engines of Fantasy!’

— Wanda

Wanda is referring to that time the Newsletter-Dragon stole our send button.

And she’s right. When the button disappeared, it had four words on it, but that Newsletter-Dragon’s constantly changing things on us.

Let me back up a little an explain, so you can get a clearer picture of the shenanigans that go on behind the scenes.

Our original button started out with just two words: ‘engage fantasy!’ But every time that dragon touched it, more words appeared.

I assure you. The last time she took that button, it did only have four words: ‘engage the fantasy engine.’

But Wanda’s right. When we found it again that last time, it had five words, not the four we knew so well. That dragon.

*Shakes head.*

She’s always making trouble for us. I guess guarding your personally identifiable information isn’t enough work for her.

We’re grateful Wanda wrote in and pointed out that discrepancy. In light of all this, we’ve placed that precious button under lock and key–and not the digital kind either. The Newsletter-Dragon wouldn’t be able to get to it again.

Have an awesome day!

–Ran, son of Sarn, “guardian of the precious send button” 😉