God Rays and Shadows

Hi Readers!
We hope you had a merry Christmas. Our scribe got some cool 3D effects for Christmas, and we decided to test drive them on a cover for Curse Breaker’s Shadow. Melinda wrote the first episode of it for an anthology that releases in Feb 2019.
We haven’t heard whether we’re in or out yet, but we figured we’d test a cover for the series just in case.
Curse Breaker’s Shadow will be a series of short stories about the adventures Papa and Shade got into before I was born.
They got into a lot of trouble as you can guess. And I’m sure that comes as no surprise. Papa is a magnet for trouble.
The first episode answers the question on everyone’s mind–how did Papa and Shade meet and become friends?
I’ve asked Papa that very question many times, and soon I will have an answer. 🙂
This cover is a little grainy, but the final won’t be. We just couldn’t wait for the render engine to finish, so we stopped it after 18% had completed.
What do you think of our god rays? Are they as epic as the product page claims? 😉
Whatever you do today, we hope it’s awesome.
–This is Ran, son of Sarn, “the Prince of Renders” signing off