Well, Color me Intrigued

Yesterday, we asked about coloring pages because some authors were talking about making “coloring pages” for their books.

Our scribe, Melinda, was skeptical about this. But I loved the idea. I’m a little fictional kid though. Coloring anything is exciting. So I figured I’d ask what you thought about this.

We were pretty sure Melinda could do this. We just didn’t know if she should.

So I asked if coloring pages starring the cast is something you would like/want from us?

And you said yes.

So we unleashed our scribe on Photoshop and now we need to know how well we did.

You have to click that link and download it from our website. It’s a PDF file perfectly sized for printing. Below is a preview of it.
Don’t forget to let us know on social media or in the comments below how we did on our first attempt at a coloring page. 
Go ahead and color me. 🙂 Melinda had to hand-draw Auntie Sovvan’s wings. They got lost in transition.
–Ran, “Color Page Star” and son of Sarn 🙂