Are you pondering what we’re pondering?

Hi readers!
Sorry we’ve been so quiet this week. Our lovable scribe knows we’re up to something. She’s been extra vigilant and checks in often just to see what we’re doing.
I haven’t figured out how she’s managing that since there aren’t any cameras in her apartment, and there certainly aren’t any in our cave under Mount Eredren.
Papa’s magic would fry them if any did set up shop there. So we’re safe from observation when we’re at home. But we have no access to the internet when we’re under the mountain.
So you see our dilemma. 🙂
And you’re probably wondering what our scribe’s wondering–
what on earth are we up to?
Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.
Getting into even the most benign types of mischief takes time.
More on this soon. Promise.
— Ran, ‘the scheming’ son of Sarn 😉