The Dragon vs the Book of Faces: Round 1

Oh no! Facebook is removing people from groups, and our Newsletter Dragon heard about it.
Maybe there was an official email. She must be reading our scribe’s emails again.
Now, our Newsletter-Dragon is on a tear over this.
I tried to tell her the email addresses in her horde (our list) are safe, but she’s not listening. I’m just going to take the precious pc away from her
Actually, Papa should do that.
“Papa! I need your shield.”
I rushed over and jumped on him. He woke with a start.
“Come on, Papa. You have to do your shield thing.”
I slid off him, grabbed his hand and tugged as I walked backwards toward the portal thingy. It was a ring of purplish light that connected our cave to our scribe’s shoe-box apartment.
“Because we have to take the magical PC away from an angry dragon before she melts it.”
“Why would she melt it?”
Papa sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he tried to make sense of what I was saying. It did sound a little crazy.
“Because the Book of Faces is deleting people from groups, and she thinks that will affect our newsletter list. It won’t but she’s not listening to me.”
“Why me?”
“Because you have magic, and I need you to shield me. Oh, and you have longer arms than I do. You can grab the pc while I distract the dragon.”
“How are you going to distract a pissed off dragon?”
I gave Papa my biggest and brightest smile. “I’m sure you’ll think of something.”
“Why me?”
Since that was a rhetorical question, I didn’t answer. I just tugged his hand. Wish us luck. We’re going in as soon as Papa wakes up enough to get his magic working.
—Ran, son of Sarn, “Rescuer of Captured PCs” 😉
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