Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!

If you have a moment today, maybe you could give me a hand. You see, I was so excited about the Easter egg hunt Papa had planned that I misplaced something really important.

Now, I’m not supposed to know there’s going to be an Easter egg hunt, but you know how kids are. They talk and I listen. I can’t help it. My little ears perk up when the orphans who watch me everyday start jabbering on about things.

Which would have been fine. I know how to act surprised. But the portal that connects Papa’s cave to my Scribe’s apartment chose that same moment to shrink down until it was an egg-sized purple, glowy ball.

At some point in between then and now, that ball stopped glowing, and I think someone (Uncle Miren maybe) might have put it with the other eggs.

None of this would have been a problem had the basket of eggs not disappeared. We can only assume the portal activated while it was in the basket and sucked the whole thing into your world.

But not everything that goes through the portal stays together. So we think those eggs might be scattered around your world.

So if you see a purple egg in your travels today, let us know, especially if it starts glowing.

Thank you. Have a happy Easter.

–Ran, son of Sarn, “the Egg Hunter”