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Now, onward, to Robin’s second adventure! Her first adventure was published in Rogue Skies, which will only be available until Oct. 15, then the set will be gone forever. But not her first adventure, Hunter’s Night. We will publish it ourselves as soon as we receive the rights reversion letter from the publisher of Rogue Skies. That should be soon after it comes down from Amazon, so you’ll have another opportunity to get your copy then.

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Robin could become the most powerful witch their world has ever known. But first, she must save her daughter with help from a mage whose power she took. But his keepers will kill to keep him a secret.

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Rogue Night

A Robin of Larkspur Novel (Book 2)

Chapter 1, part 2

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Robin touched the necklace glowing a vibrant green one last time then strode down the left-hand tunnel. Robin swayed, and the tunnel seemed to revolve around her. That wasn’t good.

She couldn’t remember the last time she’d eaten, or if she even had any food in the rucksack slung over her shoulder. But that was a moot point now. Those echoes grew louder and clearer. Robin sped up, hoping she’d at last found another human being in this oppressive darkness.

Robin turned two more bends and saw them finally—people! She almost wept with joy. Her shoulders slumped in relief. She wasn’t alone anymore. Help was within her grasp. Then Robin looked around her, and unease coiled in her gut again.

This tunnel looked like the last one right down to the placement of the stalagmites and their drippy, ceiling-bound friends. Either her tired mind was making all the tunnels look identical, or the Litherians had crafted that illusion on purpose. They were a race of stone mages, so it was possible they could have carved several identical tunnels just to mess with visitors.

After all, they were famously antisocial, but they’d vanished from the world centuries ago. Shouldn’t the current inhabitants of this place have done something to differentiate one tunnel from another? Robin wondered how many visitors got lost in this maze each day. Did anyone ever look for them?

Someone must since this place traded extensively with other strongholds. Then again, there were all those traps down here. Robin rubbed the back of her neck. It ached from all the looking down she’d had to do on the march here to ensure she didn’t step on something that couldn’t hold her weight. It was a relief to have solid ground under her feet again, but that relief was short-lived since the argument in front of her was heating up.

A man and a woman faced another man. The first man wore furs, not uncommon in this weather except they looked kind of like wolf pelts, and Robin felt uncomfortable about that. The man’s furs looked a lot like the pelt of the alpha she’d freed, but that was impossible, wasn’t it?

There weren’t any wolf shifters anymore. The races of the Magic Kind had all died out long ago, leaving the world’s stage to mankind. Robin backed up, but it was no use hiding when she frigging glowed and not just her necklace or the lumir crystal attached to her coat either. Two white threads glowed around her wrist, and there was a green one wrapped around her ankle over her knee-high boot. Hiding was out of the question.

Besides, Robin needed answers. It was just hunger making her edgy. She had nothing to fear here except failing to find help, and that wouldn’t happen. The Rangers always helped their own, and she was a Ranger herself, or she would still be employed as one if she’d stayed home. Dad had held a space for her.

Was it still available? Could she go home? Just thinking about Larkspur made Robin miss it even more. But Ison might look there for her. He knew where her home was. But now wasn’t the time to think about the man she’d left without a word. That punch to the face while she was nine months pregnant had ended any responsibility she had to him. Robin tucked all those questions away for later when Rosalie was safe. But they stayed in her wounded heart, nurturing the tiny flame of hope she held tightly to as the woman she’d heard crying out for her child turned to face her.

She too wore furs, but other than her cloak, which also looked like the pelt of a wolf, she was missing some key pieces of clothing like trousers and shoes. So was her male companion. He’d been silently backing her up throughout the argument with a man in Guardsmen’s blue. The trio occupied the right fork of the intersection ahead.

Beyond them, a bunch of creepy statues complete with glowing eyes brandished their weapons. They looked so life-like, Robin dropped her gloves and patted down her pockets for a weapon. Then she saw they were made of marble. When Robin glanced at them again, the statues’ eyes were unblinking crystals, and she cursed herself for being a fool.

Mount Eredren sure did have some strange décor. But what had she expected? A race of misanthropic stone mages had created it, and no one had updated things since then.

Pull it together, girl. Rosalie needs you to be strong and coherent, Robin reminded herself.

Before she could say anything to the trio, that woman pointed at her. There was something wrong with her eyes. They weren’t brown. Robin couldn’t tell what color they were because the light shining on the woman came from a mosaic made of lumir crystals, and it only covered the part of the ceiling that was over those creepy statues. Nor was it bright enough to properly light this tunnel.

“She took my baby,” the half-naked, fur-clad woman said again.

Robin’s mouth dropped open in shock. Surely, she’d heard that wrong. That Wolf Girl hadn’t just accused her of kidnapping, right? “There must be some mistake. I didn’t take anyone. I only just met you. I’ve never seen you before.” Robin backed away while all three of them glared at her. But she didn’t back into a wall. Instead, she’d backed into a cave, and it was filled with heaps of junk.

“She took my baby,” the woman Robin had mentally dubbed ‘Wolf Girl’ shouted again as she pointed a shaking finger at Robin.

“I didn’t take anyone, but someone took my baby,” Robin shot back. She set her bow case down and leaned on it.

But her head spun. Robin needed something to prop herself up while she convinced the Guard heading toward her that Wolf Girl was insane. If Robin didn’t, he might arrest her then who would save her baby? No one. Robin had to lead that search and to do that, she had to stay out of jail. She couldn’t convince the Rangers to help her if she was sitting in a cell awaiting a court date. Robin shuddered at the thought of prison.

The Guard was already looking at her with the wrong kind of interest. He saw her squared shoulders, her travel-stained clothes, and her bow case and deduced she was a warrior of some kind. Well, she was. Robin just didn’t feel up to a fight with anything other than words right now, and words had never been her forte. Well, that had to change right now.

“Listen to me,” Robin shouted over Wolf Girl. The half-naked woman wasn’t as hysterical as she should be if she’d just lost her baby.

Could she be lying about that? No, when that woman had said the word ‘baby,’ it was the only word that had rung true. Wolf Girl had a baby, but was that baby missing? If so, could the Wild Hunt have taken Wolf Girl’s baby too?

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