Stories complete so far for 2020:

1. Spell of Wings & Glass

Get it in Hidden Magic, Magic Underground Anthology #1:

What’s it about:

Nulthir is stricken down by dark magic, Thing’s youngest grandkit, Furball, is danger. Never mind the fact that this little critter shouldn’t even be in the prison in the first place. It’s up to Thing, Amal and their kits to save the cuddly baby and their only human friend.

2. Spell of Bone & Ash

Get it in Wayward Magic, Magic Underground Anthology #2:

What’s it about?

Nulthir has been infected with dark magic, and it’s killing him. Instead of saving him, his best creature friend, Thing, is off on his own mission with his son in tow, leaving Amal to somehow save Nulthir and her family. But the dark magic has infected her too.

Next in the writing queue:

Spell of Scales & Steel Get it in Forgotten Magic, Magic Underground #3

What’s it about:

Thing and his son are in a world of trouble when they follow a dangerous man with a deadly magic who will do anything to keep his dastardly project a secret. And that was before Furball showed up. It’s up to Amal to pull her mate’s feathers out of the fire, if she can.