Magical Mayhem, anyone?

Hey Readers!

Guess what? We’ll have review copies of Spell of Wings & Glass available soon (on or around Feb. 1). Watch this space!

What’s it about?

Nulthir is stricken down by dark magic, Thing’s youngest grandkit, Furball, is danger. Never mind the fact that this little critter shouldn’t even be in the prison in the first place. It’s up to Thing, Amal and their kits to save the cuddly baby and their only human friend.

Spell of Wings & Glass takes place before Curse Breaker: Enchanted. It will publish as part of a trilogy of anthologies our Scribe is running called Magic Underground Anthologies, which is published by the only character-owned and operated publishing house, Magical Mayhem Press.

(I know what you’re thinking, but what else were we going to call it? Magical mayhem is our specialty. We thought the name should reflect that.)

Anyway, the first Magic Underground anthology is called Hidden Magic. There may be review copies of other stories in the set available as well. We’ll have to stay tuned on that and see how things play out.

Right now, our industrious Scribe is working with an editor to make sure all the stories are edited and as free of grammatical errors as she can get them. Then it’s onto the tough decision of how to order these stories. But our Scribe is up to the task. We, characters, will of course help with that.

Let the mayhem begin!