Guess what’s coming to Kindle?

I am!

Hi Readers,

This is Ran, and you’re probably wondering why I’m running. Well, that’s because a dragon’s chasing me, Ran, Sarn’s beloved son and sidekick. I’m running for my life down a shadowy tunnel for your amusement.

Why’s a dragon chasing me?

Well, you’ll have to order a copy of Dragon Spells at to find out. This is a spoiler-free introduction. 🙂

Dragon Spells, is based on a series of stories called Dragon Troubles. Episodes of it published in our weekly newsletter in 2019, but it’s been rewritten, and a lot of new scenes have been added because who doesn’t love more page time with yours truly? I must get extra scenes anyway I can.

Dragon Spells is more than four times the original word count. So, there’s plenty of new material for those who followed the original story as it happened in 2019. If you’re not currently a subscriber, now’s an awesome time to sign up at so you don’t miss a moment of our magical mayhem.