Looking for a magical adventure?

Looking for:

  • adventure ✔️
  • dragons ✔️
  • monsters of unusual size ✔️
  • enchanted trees ✔️
  • mind-talking creatures ✔️
  • warrior angels ✔️
  • demons ✔️
  • Magic 🪄
  • a little humor 😆
  • and 462 pages of mayhem? 🤔

Get all that and more in Curse Breaker Hidden. Order your copy now at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08VGVNY2X/ 💪

(🐉 9/10 dragons approve this message. 🐲)

A country can’t stand without its queen. Can it survive if its last mage falls? 
Get the epic fantasy adventure, Curse Breaker Hidden, now!

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