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How am I (Ran) doing?

Fantastic! And not just because I put a bunch of containers of homemade soup outside to see if they’d freeze. They froze solid!

Why did I do that?

I’m not sure. My Scribe mentioned she wanted to freeze the soup she’d made, and I knew it was in the teens outside (Fahrenheit). So I thought, why not put the soup outside?

Right? Nature had turned NY into a scenic icebox. Maybe the soup would enjoy freezing under a tree with a view of another apartment building instead of inside a dark, cold freezer.

Who knows what our food thinks or if it thinks at all.

Update: My Scribe says food doesn’t think.

But I’m not so sure about that. I live just steps from an enchanted forest, and those trees think. One of them even talks (the Queen Tree).

So we’ll agreed to disagree on that.

But that’s not why I’m excited. This is why:

(You might have to tell your email client to show pictures to see it.)

Yes, Curse Breaker Hidden is finally up for pre-order! You can claim your copy here.

This is so exciting! *Happy dance!*

Just don’t tell my Scribe or Papa I put it up on Amazon. I am 1000% sure the book will be ready before the 10th of March.

If that date looks familiar, it’s our Scribe’s birthday. That’s how I know it’s a safe bet. You’re welcome.

Just one tiny spoiler. There is a sequel to Curse Breaker Hidden, and it will be full of all-new problems. So you can read this book without fear.

I promise to get into lots of trouble in the sequel. Papa’s reaction to that should be interesting.

That’s all I’ll say for now. I just wanted to reassure you because our editor and our beta reader both contacted our Scribe to ask if Curse Breaker Hidden is a tragedy. It’s not.

Curse Breaker Hidden is our time to shine. It’s a triumph, not a tragedy.

Curse Breaker Hidden is almost 140,000 words of your heroes doing what we do best: entertaining you with our magical mayhem.

There are only two chapters where you’re with the enemy. The rest of the time, you’re right there with the heroes.

But we’ll have more on that, along with a preview and a look at what books are currently in the writing queue in the next couple of weeks.

For now, I bring you back to the humorous mayhem that is my aunt’s companion series. The first book is 99 cents this week in the US and UK Amazon stores!

His Angelic Keeper Hidden

Get That Apple (Part 4)

Bolts of lightning shot out of the thunderheads, and they struck Malachiah, powering him up, right before Red collided with him, mid-air. In a clinch, they tumbled, each struggling to get the upper hand. It looked like Red would win, but they rolled, and lightning struck her. Red seized as she fell, too disoriented to catch herself. Hopefully, it hadn’t knocked her out again.

“Get the apple,” Fay shouted as she lost Red in the trees. Their leaves were as red as that angel’s hair, making it impossible to tell if that angel was still conscious or where she’d landed. At the base of one of those trees lay the apple in question.

Fay cursed the angel for not listening to her as the flame she’d sent to the Grove of Memory winked out, taking her ability to communicate with it. No matter, Fay still had the flame bobbing on her palm, and it had a good view of Sovvan still, but that unconscious girl was still unraveling.

If only that angel would return and give that damned apple to Sovvan, maybe she could rouse the girl and get her to take her own damned medicine. But the possible futures split and split again, shutting the window Fay was viewing Sovvan through and replaced it with a confusing jumble of possibilities.

One caught Fay’s attention. She expanded it and studied the wrinkly, floppy-eared pachyderm known as a Memory-Eater. It was the same one that had brought Sovvan here in the first place; the one called Four. And there Four was, hiding in the lee of a tree, watching everything but doing nothing to help or hinder.

It’s time to pick a side, dearie. You can’t keep standing on the sidelines while the memories you hold so dear are in danger of being lost forever. Fay considered the future she held in her hands. It was a small flame that had split off the one she’d been using as a far-viewer. It had a low probability of coming true unless she nudged it along. But she’d have to be careful not to usurp that creature’s free will.

Doing so would stress the balance to its breaking point. Hmm. That future grew less likely as the tree Four hid behind shuddered and branches fell. The pachyderm backed deeper into the grove.

“No, you’re going the wrong way!” Fay poked the flame, showing her this future. It was fading as the future it represented grew less likely by the second.

There was only a slim chance it would come to pass, then even that faded, and so did the odds of that Memory-Eater helping Sovvan. Damn. The flame winked out as that future did, and Sovvan’s future vanished too, leaving nothing but smoke behind as the girl dissolved into a shining cloud of motes and disappeared.

“No!” Fay pounded her fist on her thigh. She needed to rend something right now.

A Strange Offer

Sovvan opened her eyes and was none too surprised to find she was back in the gray place where her afterlife had begun. She was a ghost again, and that evil fog bank was waiting for her. Translucent gray tentacles whipped about hungry for her regained memories as the main body of fog rolled over her. It pulled her down into its gray, amnesia-giving heart.

Was there no escaping that vile stuff? The fog tore at her mind with a thousand invisible hands, but this time, it didn’t rip away chunks of her identity like it had every other time she’d ended up on this gray plain. Hadn’t Four said something about that?

Yes, that pachyderm had claimed the fog wouldn’t affect her anymore because she no longer belonged in the Gray Between. Then why do I keep ending up here? Sovvan rose and dusted her robe off. It was still white and trimmed in purple, not her favorite color scheme, but it was keeping her modesty intact, even though she was transparent again. Still, she should get away from that fog in case Four had lied to her.

Sovvan aimed for a spot where the fog was thinnest and limped toward it. Hopefully, it would get her clear of this colloidal wall of forgetfulness, so she could figure out how the hell she’d gotten here and what to do next.

Sovvan gritted her teeth as pain sank hot needles into her foot at every step, but she broke through the fog and halted in front of the giant mechanized roach rising up on its hind legs, so it could look her in the eye. Thousands of tiny clockwork roaches formed its body, transforming them into a super-Agent of Chaos. Who knew they could do that? 

Sovvan backpedaled in alarm. “What do you want?”  

The super-Agent of Chaos fixed white eyes ringed by symbols on her. Two lines swung around inside its eerie eyes, marking time. “I want what you want, change.”

Of course it did. It was an Agent of Chaos, so that was a given. “Why do you want that?” Sovvan held her ground.

The creature rubbed its upper pair of legs together, and steel grated against steel. “It’s in my nature. It’s in yours too, rule-breaker.”


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