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Do I have magic? Find out in Curse Breaker Hidden.

The preview is ready for you! You can read a preview of Curse Breaker Hidden right now!

It might include the scene this image is based on but without the snow. I’m not sure because that dragon won’t let me see the preview. She took our e-reader to keep me from looking at it. So not fair.

There are dragons in Curse Breaker Hidden but not our infamous Newsletter-Dragon. She isn’t in that book. But she does star in our companion series, and she often appears in this newsletter.

Oh no. I mentioned her, and now she’s here! She’s grabbing the keyboard. I’m wrestling her for it, but I’m a fictional kid from a fantasy world, and she’s a dragon. So, no contest.


I win. This is the Newsletter-Dragon. As my name implies, I deliver your newsletter every week. And no, I didn’t alter the preview for Curse Breaker Hidden. I just made sure it was formatted correctly, You get the first 13700 words in a format that will work on any device (epub, mobi or pdf). Or as close as we can get to that without ending in the middle of a chapter. We have more class than that.

That is all. I have just one more thing to say, but the picture says it best:

Story time isn’t just for humans. We dragons like it too, so read to your dragon. Consider this a friendly reminder.

Amazon must agree because they put the paperback version of Curse Breaker Enchanted on sale for $10.70, which is way less than they let us charge on there (because they have to take their cut.) It doesn’t say when the sale began or when it ends, so if you wanted a paperback version, now is the time!

I ordered a bunch of copies for our Scribe. I bribe her with books to get page time. Don’t tell my little nemesis.

I now return you to your regular host, that annoying child from the Curse Breaker series.


I’m Ran, Sarn’s son, and I’m not annoying. Just ask the man on the cover of Curse Breaker Enchanted. He’ll tell you the truth. I’m the light of his world. Hopefully, I’m also a ray of light in yours too. Soon, I will be the light in all the characters in the Curse Breaker series’ lives. Muahahaha….

(Please don’t tell Papa about that!)

Then enjoy another excerpt from:

His Angelic Keeper Hidden

Don’t Interfere

“Mom, what are you doing?” asked her son, Fedre, startling Fay.

“Nothing you need to worry about.” Fay didn’t look away from the flame she was feeding with her will. It danced on her upturned hand, casting orange light on her dark face. Fay kept her gaze on that fire instead of her son. She didn’t want to see what he was wearing this time. His taste in clothes tended toward the offensive, and she had more important things to do than police that.

“Then why do you look so upset?” As Fedre approached, his shadow slid over the wide balustrade Fay sat cross-legged on.

“I lost someone, and I need to find her.” Fay scanned the possible futures but couldn’t find Sovvan.

Where was that girl? Why didn’t she have a future anymore? She must be here somewhere. Sovvan couldn’t be gone. That girl could not end like that. Oh no, there’d be no fade to black for Sovvan, not until she defeated her ex-guardian angel. That was one fight Fay had been looking forward to watching. Her inner dragon whipped its tail about as Fay searched the future again.

“Mom, could you just tear yourself away from those flames for a moment? I need to talk to you.” Fedre’s shadow shifted restively in her peripheral vision.

“What’s so important?” Fay growled. Smoke leaked out of her mocha lips, and fire tickled her tongue. Her dragon was too near the surface. Stress always did that to her. Fay didn’t like losing people, especially this girl. Sovvan was too special to get lost in the future’s inconstant fire, but maybe she could spare a moment from that search for her son.

The sun smiled down on them from its cerulean throne in the cloudless sky. Its hot rays kissed the ridge to her left. The desert oasis she’d called home for most of her existence spread out in a golden expanse of rolling dunes and smoking mountains. Shadows moved about the valley’s floor. Were they the reason Fedre had sought her out?

Fay pulled on her dragon’s senses. Perhaps she ought to find out. It had been a long time since war had come to her home. Had it come again?

Since her home lay in a sheltered valley in the Ring of Fire, all the mountains were active volcanoes, and only the brave or the stupid would dare cross them. Which was it this time?

When she scanned, all she found were her children, grandchildren, and numerous other descendants and their families. No strange hearts beat in her valley. Neither the Adversary nor his goons had come here yet.

“Mom?” Fedre asked again. This time, he let his impatience seep into his voice.

“What?” Fay roared. Her inner eye scanned a network of ruby lines covering each peak. Her children tended them, ensuring they funneled that geothermal heat to those who needed it. Fedre was supposed to be up there, not bothering her.

“Put the dragon away. I’m not talking to you while you’re like this.” Fedre’s shadow folded his arms over his chest.


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