The Curse Breaker Series books in order: Curse Breaker Enchanted, Curse Breaker Darkens, Curse Breaker Faceted, Curse Breaker Falls, Curse Breaker: Books 1-4, Curse Breaker Sundered, and Curse Breaker Hidden. Seven books to rule them all until the eighth one comes out.

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Hi Readers!

This is Ran, son of the Curse Breaker (Sarn). I’m just dropping by to let you know three things:

Curse Breaker Enchanted is $0.99 today in the US and UK store.

Sarn had power, but no one let him use it. When monsters rise, he must control his magic or die.

(I help with this despite the ghosts and monsters who get in Papa’s way. We have a grand adventure while we try to find out why ghosts and monsters keep coming after us.)

We’re one five days from the release Curse Breaker Hidden, book 6 of the Curse Breaker series!

To defeat the ancient monster destroying his home, Sarn must regain the rest of his magic. But unlocking that power won’t be easy with a concussion and an evil entity on the prowl. The Devil wants his soul, and he’ll cheat to get it.

(I also help out in this adventure. With Papa drifting in and out of consciousness, I have to fend for myself and get help from wherever and whoever I can. You’ll never guess who answers my call for help.)

Spell of Shadow & Light releases on April 14. Order your copy now!

Nulthir and his mind-talking OwlCats are in for the fight of their lives when they get caught in a deadly game designed to trap a powerful young mage (Sarn/Papa). Through that kid, the summoners can create an army of monsters. If they don’t get to the mage first, they’ll be fodder for the next wave of monsters. Find out if they save the day or become the monsters who threaten their world. Get Spell of Shadow & Light!


Spell of Shadow & Light is a prequel to the Curse Breaker series. It contains all three previously published stories, Spell of Wings & Glass, Spell of Bone & Ash, and Spell of Scales & Steel, which were published in the Magic Underground Anthologies plus an all-new novella, Spell of Shadow & Light, with an extended epilogue. It’s best read after Curse Breaker Hidden since it stars Thing, his mate, and their extended family of OwlCats in a one of a kind adventure!

And now, because there’s always a story, I present one of my favorite scenes from

Curse Breaker Enchanted

Something warm brushed against his hands when Sarn raised them to examine the barrier blocking his way. Particles flowed clockwise, sparking against his palms. They probably glowed the same green as his eyes since the same magic generated them both.

Nolo shook Sarn, reminding him of his master’s presence. “What happened? Why did you retreat?”

“I didn’t. It expelled me.” Sarn tried to yank his arm free and failed.

“It’s never rejected you before. I don’t like it.” Nolo sounded pissed off. He tightened his grip, but he needn’t have bothered. 

Sarn couldn’t leave. Magic and oaths bound him to Nolo, forcing him to do what that Ranger said, but Sarn didn’t have to like it. He removed Nolo’s hand from his arm, so he could pace. Before tonight, Sarn had crossed these henges many times with no hindrance at all. Why was tonight different? Sarn quit pacing and explored the blindfold. It was time the damned thing came off.

“No, don’t touch it. You must leave it in place. There are too many folks about. We can’t let anyone see—” Nolo began, but he didn’t finish his protest because there was no kind way to say it.

No one wanted to see his freaky eyes because the sight might drive someone to put them out. That reality bitch slapped Sarn every time he opened his eyes. The damned knot defeated his extra-large fingers, putting paid to the argument.

Nolo pried his hand away from the blindfold again. “Leave it. I’ll remove it when it’s safe to do so, not before.”

“Tell me what’s going on.” Nolo could give him that much, but he wouldn’t. Sarn clenched his jaw.

“I can’t tell you what I don’t know.” Nolo tugged him southward as that shocking statement sunk in. Nolo didn’t know something? That just didn’t happen.

“Where’re we going now?” Sarn wished he could see. His head map tracked their progress, but it couldn’t suggest any routes because it didn’t know where they were going.

“To find a spot where you can cross. We’ll walk the whole damn circumference if we have to.”

So, the problem lay in the enchanted forest. Damn. The forest functioned on magic akin to his, and it wreaked havoc on his control. Just what he needed on a night when his magic was already unruly. Sarn wanted to drop his head into his hands in defeat, but he refrained. 

Grass ceded to rock again, jolting him out of the endless spiral of his dark thoughts, but this time, they were water-smoothed stones. Sarn grimaced at the fishy stink of the River Nirthal. It flowed east to west in a broad, lazy ribbon along the southern edge of the meadow, not too far from where he was standing, and his magic was painfully aware of its presence.

Nolo crossed first. This time, when Sarn stepped across the divide, the barrier slid through his body, allowing him to pass. He shuddered at its alien feel as he trudged the ten feet between the two henges, then out onto a rocky beach.

“Are you all right?” Nolo asked. He still held onto Sarn.

Sarn nodded and pulled his arm free as something large approached. It flashed red on his head map. Sarn pointed to it. “What the hell is that?”

“Look out!” Gregori shouted. Look out for what?

“Get down, Kid!” Another Ranger rushed toward them. His icon waved his hands above his head, and a large tree-shaped icon followed him out of the forest.

“Someone grab the Kid and get him down!” Gregori said, but he sounded further away.

A body slammed into Sarn and knocked him to the ground, but it was too late. A rough object wrapped around his forearm and pulled Sarn toward the enchanted forest. Another unidentifiable object wrapped around his upper arm, adding its argument to the fray, and he slid away.

“Let go of me.” Sarn scrabbled for a hold, but his fingers found only dirt. There was nothing to grab onto until several arms clamped around his waist and pulled in the opposite direction. But the force pulling his upper body had more leverage than the Rangers who were trying to prevent his kidnapping. They were ceding ground, and Sarn was slowly sliding away.

Before the forest pulled them into it, the Rangers realized who they were attempting to save and let go. Sarn slid between two trees, still blind to what was going on. Thanks a lot, Gregori.


To read more, get Curse Breaker Enchanted now.

I know what you’re thinking. How can this scene be my one of my favorites when it doesn’t even feature me?

If you’ve read the book, then you know what kidnapped Papa, and you know why I think it’s cool. If you haven’t read it, let me know when do if you agree with me.

Have a great day!

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