The Curse Breaker Series books in order: Curse Breaker Enchanted, Curse Breaker Darkens, Curse Breaker Faceted, Curse Breaker Falls, Curse Breaker: Books 1-4, Curse Breaker Sundered, and Curse Breaker Hidden, Curse Breaker Trapped. Eight books to rule them all until the ninth one comes out.

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Curse Breaker Hidden

Seeing Double (Part 2)

“Did it say what we should do?” Ran leaned into his other side; the one that wasn’t aching.

“No, I can’t get anything out of it.” Sarn sat without meaning to. He needed to sleep for a week, but first, he had to do something about that rock and the dark forces spilling out of it. He couldn’t leave a dangerous magical object lying about for someone to find. Kids lived down here. He’d never forgive himself if one of them got hurt.

His gut was most insistent on that point. Was it really his gut? Or was that other magic subtly prodding him into action? Sarn laid a hand over his heart, and white rays of light knifed between his fingers as his mind circled back to something Jersten had said before that rock had ripped out his soul. It was part of a pair.

‘I threw it in the pit,’ Jersten had said when Sarn had asked what that con man had done with the other rock. The Pit—that’s where the many-armed monster was, and where they needed to go to stop it.

“What are you doing?” Ran laid his hand on Sarn’s.

“Hmm?” Sarn looked down at his hand. Light had encased it in a shining silver gauntlet. For a moment, Ran’s hand lengthened into a woman’s calloused hand as it wrapped around the glowing green hilt of a shining sword protruding from his chest. What the hell was that? That flash of memory vanished as quickly as it had appeared.

“Sovvan.” His sister’s name slipped out on a ragged sigh. Should he call Sovvan? Sarn had gotten a feeling his twin sister had her own troubles right now. But part of him yearned to call her. She didn’t have magic, but she was tough and brave and everything a hero should be. Was his magic telling him to call her?

Sovvan? Sarn still didn’t know if he was doing this right, but he sent her name into the darkness in his mind. If you’re not too busy, I could use your help. And maybe some of her snarky attitude. Sarn could use a laugh right now.

His sister had pulled a sword of magic out of him back when he’d faced the demon that had killed his best friend. If only she’d show up and pull the same trick again. Sarn swallowed a sob at the thought of Shade. Now wasn’t the time to give in to grief. Sovvan had died, but his tenacious twin had come back to him. Maybe death wasn’t the end after all. Sarn closed his glowing hand into a fist, then stared at it in awe as it finally dawned on him what he’d done.

Sovvan didn’t answer his call in words, but a wave of frustration rolled over Sarn. Maybe she couldn’t answer him right now. What could possibly stop her? Sovvan had seemed invincible. Maybe she wasn’t after all. That was a frightening thought. But the white glow of his hands soothed that fear. Sarn wasn’t unarmed, not anymore. He just didn’t know how to use this magic. But I’ll figure it out. Because he must. It was his only weapon now. Sarn clenched his other fist, and it too began to glow.

“I guess you got an answer.” Ran touched the white light, and it flowed into his little hands, delighting the boy. “I think it likes me.”

“It had better like you.” Now, Sarn needed a plan.

“Do we go back to the bad rock?” Ran stepped aside to peer around the bend, shielding them from the soul-sucking power of that thing.

“Maybe not.” Sarn picked his too curious son up and set him down on his other side where it was safer. “Stay here.”

“What will you do?” Ran hugged his bear, and its button eyes seemed to glare at him in consternation. Nothing new there. Bear never approved of his plans.

Sarn hoped he was imagining that scowl as he scooted over to the edge of the rock formation. He didn’t need a sarcastic ghost right now. “I’ve got an idea, but I don’t know if it’ll work.” Sarn kept seeing that strange rock suck Jersten’s light out of him and his soul along with it. That scene repeated in his mind, giving him an idea.

“What’s your idea?” Ran crowded in close to his back. There went any hope of keeping his son out of this.

Sarn steeled himself for what was either the best idea he’d had since he’d hit his head or the worst one. He’d know in a moment which it was. “Stay back.”

Ran didn’t move. His son’s faith in his ability to protect him was touching, but without the green magic he usually cast shields with, Sarn didn’t think he could protect his son. He scooted over, trying to put some space between them, but Ran stayed with him. Sarn gave up. This wasn’t getting him anywhere except frustrated.

“What now?” Ran peered around him again, but Sarn gently pushed the boy behind him.

Before Ran could react, Sarn leaned around the bend and extended his glowing hand to the rock and the soul trap inside it. Gusts of wind tore at his clothes as something hard dropped into his waiting palm. He closed his fist around it and pushed with the white magic encasing his hand.

There was something as dark and tangled as a lie inside the rock, perverting it—a spell, probably. Strands of white light wrapped around his other hand, protecting it as he reached into the rock and ripped out the spell. Now, what was he supposed to do with it?


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