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Some characters hang out when they’re not starring in a scene or dream up new ways to get into trouble. Not Sovvan. She somehow convinced our scribe to get some friendly AIs to record a few chapters from her first book. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, she convinced our Scribe to add a soundtrack.

The AIs (cheeky bots that they are) have already submitted a different cinematic soundscape they would prefer to accompany their voices. Sigh.

What is this world coming to?

Shout out to Scott Buckley for making free music amateur video makers can use.

Now that you’re dying of curiosity, give the video a watch and maybe even a like if you’re feeling generous. The AIs, Sovvan, and our scribe hope you enjoy this video. It took hours to make and score. Strangely enough, the animation was the easiest part of it.

*** Get a copy of His Angelic Keeper, the first book in the high-fantasy action/adventure series now. It’s full of magic and mayhem, with a Christian bent, that takes place in the same world as the Curse Breaker Series.   

His Angelic Keeper is available in ebook and paperback right now, but the characters that star in it are trying to turn it into an audiobook with help from an API that has access to AI voices.  

So far, the AIs are enjoying this. They even picked out a soundtrack for it. We just need to convince our Scribe to buy it and score the tracks we’re creating.  She did a good job on this one thanks to Scott Buckley, who provides royalty-free music for amateurs to use on videos like these. Scroll down for his info.  Isn’t technology grand?     

*** Books in the His Angelic Keeper Series: 

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Omega by Scott Buckley

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