What that dragon did now

Hi Readers,

Well, it’s been three days since we last spoke, and that dragon has already done something else we need to talk about.

I know that shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I thought she’d lay low for a while and give us a break.

Since she didn’t, let’s get to her latest shenanigans, shall we?

What did that dragon do now?

Before I tell, you I just want to take a moment to remind you that Curse Breaker Enchanted is free on Amazon today. The free deal expires at 11:59 pm PDT today. If you haven’t grabbed a copy, you might want to do that right now.

Curse Breaker Darkens and Curse Breaker Faceted will be $0.99 until May 20, so you have a little time on that if the Newsletter-Dragon set up the sales right.

Since she delivers newsletters for a living, not sells books, you might also want to jump on that deal right now in case she mixed something up.

Since that’s out of the way, we can now dig into what that dragon did now.

She posted the first chapter of His Angelic Keeper Fallen on Patreon.

Our Scribe had planned to do that herself, but she was still analyzing the pros and cons and whatnot. We, her loving characters, had planned to post the chapters ourselves if she didn’t do it this week. But that dragon beat us to it.

But we’re officially on Patreon now.

You can become a patron and read the chapters of His Angelic Keeper Fallen that are posted. New chapters will be posted three times a week by either our scribe or a character.

We’re not sure who wandered off with the latest copy, but the cast is onboard with the Pareon thing for a couple of reasons that should have you jumping for joy. I’ll get to in a moment. First, we need to talk Kindle Vella.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard about Kindle Vella yet. It’s Amazon’s new platform for reading serialized fiction, and it’s launching it soon. Why do I bring it up?

Our Scribe used to write serials on her website before she turned to book publishing. That’s where many of our stories got their start.

But there are things about Vella that concern us.

Amazon will charge 1 token per 100 words. So if an episode is 600 words (the minimum Amazon will allow authors to publish), it would be 6 tokens, etc.

The token system feels exploitive since our books run to over 100,000 words easily or a whopping 1000 tokens.

But Amazon allows authors to publish their serials on other sites like Patreon as long as its behind a paywall. Amazon does not allow any episodes to be free outside of its platform. And that’s why we’ve been taking a hard look at Patreon.

For a small monthly fee, you could read every episode our Scribe publishes on Kindle Vella plus chapters from the novel she’s writing on our Patreon page, no credits needed, just unlimited reading.

I think Rogue Ranger is next in the writing queue after His Angelic Keeper Fallen. But the Scribe hasn’t confirmed that for fear of a mutiny, so I guess we’ll see.

Why post them on Patreon?

A monthly fee feels fairer than a paying per episode, since our stories have large casts and tend to run to over 100,000 words (or around 50 episodes of 2000 words) easily because we get into so much trouble. 🙂

Will there still be books?

Yes, Melinda won’t stop writing them. Every cent that comes in through Patreon will go toward editing, book covers, website and newsletter costs, etc.

We think getting instant feedback from patrons will spur her on to write even more than she already does, which means more for you to read, and more page time for us. That’s a win in our book.

Melinda has a lot of stories no one has ever read, and we’re committed to changing that. Kindle Vella and Patreon might be the way to get some of them out into the world while we earn money to pay for editing and covers, which are our two biggest costs.

Sorry for the long, talky email, but it’s the Newsletter-Dragon’s fault. So blame her!

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