Dragon for Sale

Hi Readers,

I wish that dragon would give us advanced notice of these things. But she didn’t, so we’ll just stop wishing for the impossible. Dragons, you can’t live with them, and they’re impossible to kill.

What did that dragon do now?

That dragon, aka the Newsletter-Dragon who delivered this email to you, decided to put some of our books on sale, and then not tell any of the cast or our Scribe or even you about it.

If she was trying to curry favor with you, she should have at least sent an email, right?

Dragons, they don’t make sense at even the best of times. *Shakes head*

But this is good for you.

It’s a little awkward for us, though. I feel like you caught us with our trousers down, and I’m sorry about that.

We’re usually organized about these things. Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad there’s a sale on and that new readers are discovering us. ❤

But if we’d known, we’d totally have sat at our Scribe’s pc and hit that refresh button to see how many new readers we’ll get to meet in the pages of our books.

Maybe that’s why that dragon didn’t tell us?

But we are fictional, so we only exist when you read us. The more people who read us; the more adventures we can have. 🙂

My little heart is swelling with joy at the thought. (This is Ran, the son and best supporting character of the Curse Breaker, Sarn.)

So without further ado, I bring you an unexpected sale to brighten your weekend.

What’s on sale?

Curse Breaker Enchanted is free until Monday, May 17 for everyone. There don’t appear to be any restrictions in this, or not any we can find, but that dragon is a tricky one.

Curse Breaker Darkens is 0.99 dollars or pence in the US or UK stores thanks to something called a Kindle Countdown deal.

Curse Breaker Faceted is also 0.99 dollars or pence in the US or UK thanks to the same deal.

The best deal is still the boxed set of books 1-4 if you like omnibus editions. I don’t think that dragon did the math on that one.

And because there is always a story in every newsletter, I present one of my favorite scenes from Curse Breaker Enchanted. I might also save Papa in it, but that’s an added bonus.

Excerpt from somewhere in the middle of

Curse Breaker Enchanted

“Stop it!” Ran darted in front of Sarn and fired his slingshot, striking the man holding the belt right between his eyes. “Let go of my Papa!”

As the big man toppled, the belt loosened. Magic flooded Sarn, pulling him back from the edge of unconsciousness. His map tried to form, but Sarn banished it with a thought. He didn’t need it right now. Thankfully, Mount Eredren had calmed and stopped quaking.

 But his son stood unprotected between him and Gray. Then the boy disappeared. Before Sarn could wonder where he’d gone, a small knee dug into his side. Metal balls clinked in Ran’s pockets as his nimble fingers slid the belt through the buckle, loosening the makeshift noose.

Sarn dragged in a grateful lungful of air as the magic receded from his chest, and he flirted with unconsciousness again.

“Breathe, Papa.” Ran patted the back of his head.

Sarn attempted a nod, then gave up when white fire shook its cage somewhere inside him. It wanted to break out. Not again, Sarn had neither the wherewithal nor the inclination to deal with two types of magic right now. One had already plugged into the mountain. If Sarn lost control of the other, he didn’t know what it would do. “Ran?”

“I’m here.” Ran patted Sarn’s shoulder then walked around until he came into view. “I’m okay. Are you okay?”

Sarn nodded. He rolled onto his side, breaking his connection to the mountain, and stopped the flow of information to his inner cartographer. He also shoved his map out of sight when it tried to manifest. Now, really wasn’t the time to view its progress mapping this area. 

Annoyed at the interruption to its map-editing session, his magic poked brilliant green fingers at the bindings at his wrists and ankles. Finally, his magic had decided to do what he’d wanted it to do all along. Sarn suppressed his annoyance. He was just glad his bindings were made of from natural fibers, so the knots fell apart with a little help from his son.

Free but too damned tired to move, Sarn pillowed his head on his arm and just lay there catching his breath. Beneath him, he sensed Mount Eredren settling back into its interrupted slumber. Sarn made sure no bare skin touched the stonework, so the mountain stayed asleep. One brush against its mind was scary enough.

Ran leaned into Sarn, and his magic spun a protective emerald bubble around them.

“Who is this boy, and why does he call you ‘Papa’?” asked one of his attackers.

“Because he’s my Papa.” Ran squared his shoulders and turned to face the men.

“I’ll admit you’re the spitting image of him, but how could you be his son? You’re too old.” Gray bent as he considered the boy. 

Ran returned that scrutiny with interest. “Am not. He’s my Papa.” Ran folded his arms over his chest and glared at Gray.

“All right little mouse, how old are you?”

“Four,” Ran held up four fingers and wiggled them. “And I’m not a mouse.”

All the men laughed at that. “You look too old to be four,” the large man Sarn had kneed in a sensitive spot commented. The guy still had one hand cupped around his groin.

“Because I’ll be five soon. I’ll be five on March—March—” Ran trailed off, unable to recall his birthday. He glanced at his father for the answer.

“Fifteenth,” Sarn supplied, remembering the day his world had changed forever.

“Look, kid, I don’t know what he’s told you, but you can’t be his get. He’s not old enough to be your father.”

“He is my son.” Sarn rose, but dizziness forced him to plant his rear and wait. Perhaps his son was right. Adventures should take place after breakfast and fights too.


Get Curse Breaker Enchanted to read what happens next (and what Papa and I did to end up in this deadly situation). We both know I’m going to argue some more with the people who tried to kill my Papa. That’s why I’m the best supporting character ever. 🙂

This is Ran, son of Sarn, signing off. I wish you an awesome weekend!

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