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Hi Readers,

A concerned reader wrote in and I hope it’s okay to share our email conversation before I get to some book news, and I should probably do something about the dragon in the parking lot… more on that in a bit.

But first, our concerned reader and friend replied to last week’s email and advised that I, Ran, the lovable son of the Curse Breaker, Sarn, should not do a thing I was set on doing:

“For starters… DO NOT TOUCH THE NEW STOVE!!!!
Steam cleaning refers to the oven cleaning itself. I’m sure that Melinda knows what a broiler drawer and pan are. If not, there are instructions for that.     As far as when the dragon visits, get her to shrink and 
stick her in the broiler drawer to keep her out of trouble.

— Christy

Naturally, I had to write back. My reputation was at stake! And how did she know what I was thinking of doing? Was I that transparent in last week’s email? Was I?

So I said,

“But… but the stove is so pretty! I did touch it, but the door didn’t get that hot, so it was okay. Papa might have dragged me away from it immediately after my hand landed on the door. I like the big knobs it has to light the burners. They’re right eye-level. I have to stand on tiptoe to see the pretty blue fire it starts. ❤ But Melinda is wise to my ways. She turned off the breaker for the stove. Since the pilot light is electric, it doesn’t light. Oh well. It was fun for the three seconds it took her to notice what I was doing and turn off the breaker. I’ll remember that about that dragon. I’m not sure how we’ll stuff her in there. She’s pretty big, and the drawer’s small. But it’s worth a try to get her out of our hair.  

Thanks for the suggestion!”

Yes, I did touch the oven and I am still here to talk about it. There, I admitted it. Papa might have cast a shield over me though, so I could be wrong about the door not getting super hot. Don’t try that at home unless you have a magical parent/partner/friend/sibling/pet/dragon standing by to pluck you out of the arms of trouble. And even then, maybe put on an oven mitt first just in case?

On to some book news because I like talking about books, and hopefully, you like hearing about them. 🙂

About Rogue Spells

Last week, I mentioned that Amazon’s new platform gave us some trouble, and we’d requested they remove Rogue Spells from it. Well, it’s finally down, and we made the first three chapters public on our Patreon page. So you can hop right over and enjoy them right now, no strings attached, no hoops to hop through, etc. There are 6 chapters published so far on there with three more coming this week. 🙂

About His Angelic Keeper Fallen

His Angelic Keeper Fallen go on preorder on Sept 10 for 0.99 –that’s when we’re allowed to hit the preorder button. It may take a few days to get up on the store. But you can still read it on our Patreon right now.

We’re removing it from Kindle Vella, but it may take 2 months to get it down. We’ve gotten conflicting answers about whether we can put it into Kindle Unlimited as we do with all our books while it’s also on Kindle Vella. But we’re going to try.

His Angelic Keeper is 99 cents (or the local equivalent) right now pretty much for everyone in the world.

I’m still shocked they accepted it. Amazon won’t let us do that for Curse Breaker Enchanted. They won’t let us go below 1.99 in some countries. It is also 99 cents in as many countries as they let us. But it is a much longer book, so that might be why they fought us on that. Enchanted will stay 99 cents (or as close as Amazon will allow us to get) through Oct 1.

Mark your calendars!

His Angelic Keeper Hidden will be 99 cents Sept. 24-Oct. 1 in memory of our angel, Melinda’s deceased sister, Carolyn. Her sister asked our Scribe to publish the stories she wrote. We would not be here today, entertaining you in your inbox without that deathbed promise.

Carolyn passed away in February 2014 at the age of 29 from complications of diabetes. We remember her every year on her birthday, September 27, and we do our best to keep that promise by getting our books into as many reading devices as possible.

I should get back to that dragon in the parking lot. Maybe I’ll save that for next week and leave her out there to contemplate her sins. I’m still mad about that snake incident.

Have a great week!

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