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But first, happy Labor Day to all the workers in the US. Hurricane Ida dropped by last week, but our Scribe and us, characters, are okay. We were on the westside of the storm, and it didn’t drop as much rain as the east side because of the way storms rotate.

But it was a scary night with tornado watches and warnings and six flood warnings. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who were hit hard. We hope things get back to some semblance of normal for them soon.

We finally found out why His Angelic Keeper #1 keeps falling out of Kindle Unlimited. Books that are in Kindle Unlimited have to be exclusive to Amazon, and somehow His Angelic Keeper #1 isn’t. We, characters, searched high and low and discovered an old copy on sale on Google Play.

We’re working on getting it down so we can put His Angelic Keeper #1 back into Kindle Unlimited. It’s still 99 cents for pretty much everyone or our best guess at what 99 cents in your local currency is. We’ll let you know when we have the book back in Kindle Unlimited.

Well, that’s one mystery resolved. I need to deal with another one, but it has teeth and it breathes fire, so I’m not inclined to deal with it until I have to. Yes, I’m talking about our Newsletter-Dragon.

Several weeks ago, we left that dragon in the parking lot, following the snake in the laundry room incident. The snake turned into our Newsletter-Dragon, and that’s where we left things.

That dragon is still out there. I told her she can come in when she makes Dragon Spells 99 cents again. So far, she’s refused and shot fireballs at me every time I poked my head out to ask if it was done. So that’s not going well. But we don’t have a choice because she delivers our emails, and I guess she took a job delivering ebooks from Amazon because she controls our account.

While we wait for her to give in to my demands, I have good news!

Rogue Spells (the sequel to Dragon Spells) has surpassed 70,000 words, and it’s still not done yet! (Dragon Spells is around 70,000 words for comparison, which means the sequel will be longer than the first book!).

I get so much page time in Rogue Spells. (This is Ran, Sarn’s son from the Curse Breaker series.) I am so excited. I must give you a tiny spoiler. I can’t help it.

Part of Rogue Spells takes place in our world! You’ll meet some of the magical races that also call Shayari home. None of them have appeared in any other books set in our world before. Okay, that’s the end of the spoiler.

We’re just days away from His Angelic Keeper Fallen going up for preorder. So that’s also exciting.

Hold on a second. I hear loud footsteps. The dragon must be coming.


The door swung open, and in walked a blue-glowing dragon made of ones and zeros.

“Did you set the book to 99 cents?” I asked.

The dragon glared at me and ground her teeth. Yes. she’s digital, but digital dragons still have sharp teeth and claws. Fire breathing might look cool, but it gives you bad breath.

“Did you change the price?” I stood my ground. Papa was nearby and he could shield me if needed, but not from the smoke the dragon exhaled in my general direction. I waved my hand to clear the air around me.

“Yes, I changed the price. It’ll take effect within the next day or so. It might even be 99 cents right now for all I know.” The dragon exhaled a smoke ring.

“Thank you.” I eyed the new stove. Could I lure the dragon into the broiler drawer? It would keep her out of trouble.

“You’re welcome. Let’s clear one thing up. I’d have changed the price sooner if you’d have just asked.” The Newsletter-Dragon shook a claw at me. The nerve of her. Who did she think she was?

“Don’t shift the blame. I did ask, and you refused.” I folded my arms. I didn’t know what game she was playing, but I wouldn’t play it.

“I did not.” She leaned closer, and her eyes glowed a virulent blue.

“Did too.” I tapped my foot in impatience.

We glared at each other, and if we’d had any magic at all, we’d have thrown down right then and there. But we didn’t, so we settled for a staring contest. My left eye twitched, but I forced my eyes to stay open. I wouldn’t lose to a dragon, especially not this one.

The Newsletter-Dragon spun, breaking away from our contest of wills. “Well, it’s done, and I have a scribe to save.” She sauntered out; her tail swinging.

“Hey wait a minute. Come back here.”

“Can’t. I have places to go. Villains to defeat. You know how it is when you’re the main character.” The dragon waved without even turning around.

“You can’t do that.” I chased after her until I crashed into a sparkly green wall of magic. Papa had decided to intervene, but on the wrong side. My jaw dropped.

“Oh, but I am the main character. After I save our scribe, everyone will know it. They’ll line up to read about me, not you.” The dragon opened the door to the parking lot and exited while I stood there.

“But that’s impossible. Melinda wouldn’t do that to me.” I pounded on Papa’s shield, but it wouldn’t budge.

“Well, she’s writing that chapter now,” the dragon said as the door closed, cutting off my view of her.

“What’s she talking about?” Papa strolled over to me, but he didn’t retract his shield. Instead, he leaned against it.

“Who’s side are you on?” I scowled at him.

“Yours, of course. You’re my son.” Papa reached through the shield and ruffled my hair.


Who will save the scribe in Rogue Spells? Hopefully, me, your host and narrator of this tale. But doubts nibble at me. What if that dragon beats me to it?

To be continued…

(If you’re curious, you can become a fan and read the first 9 chapters of Rogue Spells here. As well as all of His angelic Keeper Fallen.)

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