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If your mood needs a lift, we recommend our books. We have found families, wounded heroes (Papa/Sarn), true blue friends, powerful villains, underdogs who come out on top, and justice for those who deserve it, plus lots of magic and mayhem.

Okay, shameless plug over. I’m a fictional character, If I didn’t plug our books once in every email, you might wonder if something was wrong with me. 😉

After all, the more of our books you read, the more real I and the other characters will become.

Okay, I’ll stop now. Our Scribe shared something on her socials this past week that I thought could help you or someone you know, so here it is in her words.


From the Scribe:

Someone asked about moods in a group I’m in and how to be in a better mood, and this was my answer.

I think everyone has a base mood, meaning the mood you’re in when nothing is happening, like when you’re sitting quietly not doing anything.

If you’re in a good mood then, then when good/positive things happen, your day will be great and if your day hits a few bumps, you’ll be okay, but you won’t be blue. This is how I see it.

But I see the world through a glass that’s half full. I’m always looking for ways to fill it up (usually by writing 😁 since my glass is full of words 😆).

Someone who sees the world as half empty, sees things that empty their glass, and because that person sees things that way, their glass does empty.

But my glass is half full and I want to fill it. I don’t see negative things as emptying my glass because my glass is always half full and I hold on to that. I don’t let anything or anyone take from my glass. They can only add to it.

So don’t let anyone or anything take from your glass. Look for the good, and you’ll find more of it. 💙

I hope that helps anyone who needs it.

I’ll get back to finishing Rogue Spells and my lunch break. 😉

Have a good one, all! And fill those glasses.


And that brings us to…

Drum roll, please…

Rogue Spells is done!

It’s 92,000 words long without the front and back matter and currently with our editor. If all goes well, we might be able to get it into your hands on Oct. 15. We’ll let you know next week.

Rogue Spells a twisty tale full of magical races and places as we race against time to save our Scribe from our most formidable foe yet.

Who’s the villain?

Well, I could tell you since I am the main character in the book. But that would be a spoiler…

Should I spoil that for you?

Hit reply and tell me and maybe I will. 😉

Who will save the Scribe? You’ll find out soon!

Melinda doesn’t understand why it took so many chapters to save her. I can’t answer that because I had so much fun portal-hopping all over in search of her and meeting new and interesting magical creatures who live in other parts of my country. Papa let me do this, so you know I had to take advantage of that!

This might be my last chance to travel around it for a while, so I’m making the most of it for you! Everything is for you. 😉

I hope you’ll love both Rogue Spells and His Angelic Keeper Fallen.

I feel another plot twist coming on for our next book.

What will that be?

Well, the Scribe is thinking about getting either Storm Spells (the sequel to Rogue Spells) or His Angelic Keeper Tempted done next. More on that in the coming weeks because the Scribe deleted the title of the next book every time I typed it.

For whatever reason. she’s not ready to announce the next book yet, even though we know what it is. scribes are weird like that.

His Angelic Keeper Fallen publishes on Sept. 26!

But we will have it available through us next week, so if Amazon is not your preferred store, you can grab a copy from us. The Newsletter-Dragon promises to deliver them to you. We couldn’t get that together for this week because the Scribe had to finish Rogue Spells and send it to the editor today, and we went right up to the deadline to get as many words as we could in.

Normally, we’d share previews in here, but we can’t because of the Kindle Vella’s Terms of Service. The Scribe read the first chapter, but the audio quality isn’t good. 😦 A neighbor offered to help improve that, so we’ll let you know how that goes.

His Angelic Keeper Fallen stars my aunt, Sovvan. (This is Ran, Sarn’s son from the Curse Breaker series)

She’s dead and wants her family back. But she has no magic and no way to reach them.

Rejected by the other angels, she’s betrayed by the one person who should be on her side, her guardian angel. Sovvan will take on the the most powerful villain in the world alone for a chance to reunite with her twin and save her family.

She’s got one chance to save us. Find out what happens in His Angelic Keeper Fallen.

(There are three dragons in the book, and one is in Heaven!

Who meets that dragon?

What does Heaven’s dragon do when they meet him?

Who are the other dragons?

You’ll need to get His Angelic Keeper Fallen to find out.)

That’s all until next week. Have an awesome week!

–Ran, son of Sarn, writing on behalf of Melinda Kucsera

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