Hold Those You Love (Happy Release Day!)

Hi Readers,

The wait is over. His Angelic Keeper Fallen published yesterday!

And today, September 27th, would have been our Scribe’s deceased sister’s 37th birthday.

Melinda’s sister (Carolyn) passed away in 2014 from complications of diabetes. In her honor, please hug your loved ones. Call relatives you can’t hug and take a moment to appreciate everyone in your world today because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

We hope good things and blessings will flow like a river you and your loved ones, but life is uncertain on this spinning blue-green ball, and words that are never said could be the ones your loved ones need most today. So tell them how much they mean to you.

Our Scribe never had the chance. Her sister passed away suddenly at the age of 29. But Melinda thinks of her often, and by reading her books, you help keep her memory alive. So thank you. ❤

His Angelic Keeper Fallen is dedicated to Melinda’s sister, and we hope Amazon will deliver a copy to her in Heaven. If not then, we’ll have to send the Newsletter-Dragon to do it. I’m not sure how that would even work, but we’ll give it a try.

We’d do anything for our Scribe, especially if that will earn more page time for us, her cast of characters. Of course, only one us, characters, is writing this email, and I co-star in His Angelic Keeper Fallen. (This is Ran, nephew of Sovvan, the leading lady in His Angelic Keeper Fallen.)

We promised we’d have a way to buy a copy of the book directly from us, but we can’t get that to work. The fees have exponentially increased to more than the cost of the ebook while it’s on sale, and our poor Scribe could not get the connections to work, so we’ll have to look for another solution. While we do that, we put the book in Kindle Unlimited, so you can read it there if you are a member or grab a copy while it’s 99 cents.

We’re sorry we couldn’t get the method we’ve used before to work. A lot of things have changed since we did this last in February, and not for the better. 😦

In other news, we don’t have any recordings yet. Melinda’s neighbor didn’t have time to come by with the recording set up that he put together for us to record our books. We’re hoping next week he’ll have time. So that’s to be continued on that one.

Let’s move on to happier news!

The Scribe announced the release schedule for the rest of the year on Saturday.

The current release schedule through the end of 2021:

  • His Angelic Keeper Fallen published out on Sunday, Sept 26.
  • His Angelic Keeper Tempted, the last book in a 10-book crossover, will come out on December 31, 2021 and it will include a lot of new material that didn’t fit in Curse Breaker Hidden because that book needed to stay focused on Papa and I, including lots of magic and mayhem starring us, and even Thing and Furball make an appearance. His Angelic Keeper Tempted will include the extended epilogue featuring us as well that our Scribe couldn’t do at the end of Curse Breaker Hidden. Preorder it now.

Once His Angelic Keeper Tempted is done, Melinda can work Curse Breaker Trapped because events in His Angelic Keeper Tempted affect our story. So we had to wait, but that wait is almost over.

Did you know Melinda will publish six books this year?

She wrote 5 of them this year. That’s crazy right?

Thank you for buying copies of her books or reading them in Kindle Unlimited. Your support means so much to our Scribe and all of us, characters.

Speaking of books, let’s talk about His Angelic Keeper Fallen.

What’s the book about?

Braving unknown perils to save those you love. My aunt perseveres when all the forces of good reject her for things she cannot control.

It’s about impossible odds and trying to beat them anyway because love, whether it’s for a family member or not, is the secret sauce. Sometimes, it can help you do impossible things, like play a game with the Devil to save your family.

Did she save us? You’ll have to read the book to find out. It picks up where his Angelic Keeper Hidden left off.

All four books in the series are 99 cents for a limited time, so I recommend you grab them all now here.

Thank you for reading our emails every week and our books. It means the world to us.

We’ll see you next week with more magical mayhem. We need to go hug our Scribe and let her know how much we appreciate her.

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