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Rogue Spells

by Melinda Kucsera

(A‌ ‌Curse‌ ‌Breaker‌ ‌Companion‌ ‌Novel‌) 

As a single mom, she couldn’t go around damaging her only vehicle, not when her alternative was Strella and Kat’s crazy driving. Robin pocketed her keys and slid out of the cab. She hoped she’d parked far enough away to in case anymore beams came her way.

“I’m coming with you.” Rosalie unbuckled her seat belt. She grabbed the glowing book from the footwell then opened the half door. Rosalie shoved the book at Robin, then extended her arms for a pick-up.

Robin set the book on the running boards then lowered her daughter to the ground. She shut the door and locked the truck, and Rosalie handed her the book again.

“Take this. We might need it.”

Robin accepted the book. “All right but you stay behind me until I figure out what’s going on, okay?”

Rosalie nodded. Hopefully, she’d follow through on that. “Let’s go, Mommy.”

Robin didn’t bother to remind her daughter about her promise as they hiked up a short hill. The driveway curved around the cliff the next building had been built on. There was no giant book in sight, but there was a giant hole punched through the wall of the second building, and it was large enough for a giant book to enter. At least those beams had cut off after a bright flash had lit the sky.

“Where’s it?” Rosalie peered around her leg.

“I think it’s inside the next building down.” Robin nodded to it.

“Why’s it in there?”

Robin didn’t know, but maybe one of the people milling around the parking lot staring at the sky could fill her in on what was going on. Clouds revolved around a black object, which looked a hell of a lot like the black holes in the science programs she secretly binge-watched.

“What is that?” Rosalie pulled on her pants.

“Something bad.” But not something she could do anything about until she found that rogue Scribe and got her to rein in her story. Robin grabbed her daughter’s hand and hurried to the first building. She put her back to it and peered at the giant hole in the wall of the next building.

The wind whipped her hair, and Robin was glad she’d braided it that morning. Otherwise, it would be in her face right now. I should call this in. But Robin had left her phone in the truck.

Technically, she had called for backup. It just wasn’t the official variety since Kat and Strella were a freelance outfit. What would she say if she did call 911? Hello, I’d like to report a black hole in the sky? The dispatcher will think I’m nuts. Robin shook her head and put that thought out of mind. No, she’d continue with her original plan. It was the only one that had a prayer of working. She just needed to find the Scribe responsible for this runaway story.

Rosalie screamed and she pointed to the giant book reversing out of the side of the building. It parked itself in the middle of the driveway, blocking the road out of the development.

Robin crouched down to soothe her. “It’ll be okay. Mommy won’t let anything harm you.” But neither could she stand by while innocent bystanders were in danger. Robin felt the weight of the oaths she’d sworn. She no longer had a badge or any official backing, but those people needed to move away from the shaking book.

Purple light spilled out of its restless pages, and Rosalie clutched her harder, burying her face in Robin’s shoulder. “Shh, it’s okay.”

Something disturbed its pages as the cover lifted just enough for a teddy bear to crawl out of the far side of the book. Muffled voices traded barbed insults as the creature crawled toward the crowd. Should she stop it?

“What is that?” Rosalie pulled away from her to get a better look, and Robin let go, but she grabbed her daughter’s hand.

If only I had a weapon. Robin regretted leaving hers at home as the book that had appeared in her car flew out of her hand and struck the teddy bear crawling away from the giant book. Well, that was one way to strike something. Robin pulled her daughter behind her and braced for a reaction. Please let my insurance cover it.

Return Of The Bear

When Bear stopped falling, he landed on a purple-glowing bridge spanning a spangled black gulf. Stars twinkled in that darkness. Below that bridge, other bridges crisscrossed through that starry space. Where did they go?

Had the Newsletter-Dragon somehow found the entrance to one of those bridges? She must have. How else could she have reached Mount Eredren from her cyber lair?

Words appeared on the bridge, written in light, but they changed as Bear read them. At least I now know how that dragon traveled to Mount Eredren. The answer had been there all along. He’d just been too dense to see it. Books had always been portals to other worlds, and they led to bridges like this one.

That dragon had found the entrance to a bridge in a book. It was probably the same book he’d used, but her copy had been digital because Melinda, the Scribe writing it, stored some of her drafts in a digital cloud where that dragon could easily reach it. I need to talk to her about that. Perhaps cloud storage wasn’t the best idea when a dragon was running amuck through her story verse.

Since he’d solved that mystery, there was no reason to stay here. Bear hurried across the purple-glowing bridge to its end, which was the same purple-glowing hoop he’d seen countless times in Sarn’s cave.


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