Day Eight: Nightwalker 

Day Eight of 12 Days of NobleBright

Noblebright Fantasy Stories are stories where good characters exist and can make a difference in their worlds through actions defined by honesty, integrity, and self-sacrifice. We are presenting the 12 Days of NobleBright fantasy reads this month to spread awareness of the authors and genre.

Book: Nightwalker by Elissa Nysetvoid

When Alec plays an ancient flute from a haunted canyon, his easy life is upended. Unpredictable seizures paralyze his body and fill his mind with tormented screams. Betrayed by his father and hunted by the ruthless Chief Guardian Vade, Alec searches for answers about the Spirits. But his curse is getting worse, and the voices in his head are calling for Nightwalker.

Maren thought the most dangerous thing she would ever do was help Alec escape from the Guardians. But when she hears ghostly voices after nightfall, it’s her turn to run. A Spirit named Anaru begs her to read his record, claiming his plan can save everyone. But if Maren agrees, will the plan save Alec—or doom him?

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