Day Nine: Twilight’s Curse

Day Nine of 12 Days of NobleBright

Noblebright Fantasy Stories are stories where good characters exist and can make a difference in their worlds through actions defined by honesty, integrity, and self-sacrifice. We are presenting the 12 Days of NobleBright fantasy reads this month to spread awareness of the authors and genre.

Book: Twilight’s Curse: Book 1 Twilight Realm Trilogy by K. M. Wray

Twilight’s Curse is a spell-binding young adult fantasy adventure novel filled with elves, dragons, magic, action, drama, and battle scenes. It embraces the meaning of power and magic held in an enchanting elven realm. The well-written story is uniquely captivating with strong world-building, and characters that come to life.


All elves have magic. Mine is living magic which is great for helping plants grow.

But when my parents found out, they used me as their lab rat covering my body in tattoos meant to control me. Instead, the tattoos came to life. Their last experiment fractured my magic, so I fled their fortress.

Now I live in secrecy with an odd hermit and a home full of secretive creatures who love to clean and abandoned children. But when the children are kidnapped and taken to the fortress, I’m forced to face my past and fix my broken magic to rescue them.

And then there’s Nix. I wish he’d stop getting in the way.


My parents, the king and queen of the Twilight Realm, were killed when I was a child. Too young to take the throne, I grew up in obscurity with no desire to become king.

But the regents threaten my sister and terrorize the citizens. I must become king and restore peace to the Twilight Realm. But first, I need convince a certain female elf with knowledge of the fortress and amazing fighting skills to join me.

And maybe she’ll find out I’m not such a bad elf after all. If only she’d stop throwing her daggers at me.

Find out now.