Day Ten: Drop of Magic

Day Ten of 12 Days of NobleBright

Noblebright Fantasy Stories are stories where good characters exist and can make a difference in their worlds through actions defined by honesty, integrity, and self-sacrifice. We are presenting the 12 Days of NobleBright fantasy reads this month to spread awareness of the authors and genre.

Book: A Drop of Magic by Liz McCraine

Annamae might not have magical abilities, but thanks to her awful childhood she has plenty of charm. After fleeing her family, Annamae befriends handsome equestrian Darvin Spurr, who offers her a fresh start in his sleepy mountainside village. With new friends and a great job, Annamae finally feels at peace… until the Spurrs need her help. Annamae believes in loyalty, and she owes Darvin for her good fortune. Except helping means confronting her painful past.

As the king’s horse trainer, Darvin Spurr took an oath to protect the land and animals entrusted to him—and the secrets that go with them. When an unknown enemy threatens to expose those secrets and endanger the crown, Darvin and his family turn to Annamae for help. Her ability to talk to strangers may gain them the information necessary to locate the villain. But it’s not easy confiding something of this magnitude, even to a charming girl like Annamae. And especially not with lives at stake.

With time running out, Annamae and Darvin are thrust into a dark world of magic and deception. Success means saving kingdoms, but failure will destroy the life and love for which they both yearn.

Find out what happens now.