Day Eleven: Breath of Magic

Day Eleven of 12 Days of NobleBright

Noblebright Fantasy Stories are stories where good characters exist and can make a difference in their worlds through actions defined by honesty, integrity, and self-sacrifice. We are presenting the 12 Days of NobleBright fantasy reads this month to spread awareness of the authors and genre.

Book: Breath of Magic by Trisha Lynn aka @trishalynnbooks

Her future used to be simple. Finish high school. Go to college. Hide her powers. Blend in. That is until the new student shatters it all.

In the human realm, eighteen-year-old Adeila Burton is just trying to finish high school, blend in with the crowd, and hide unexplainable powers that have been developing over the years. But when she loses control and hurts her friend, she realizes she needs help. She just never thought it would come from him. Adeila doesn’t even like the new guy, but when offered to help, mysteriously explaining some of her powers, she has no choice but to accept.

Loki Staghorn’s job was to infiltrate his king’s long-lost daughter’s life, but he bites off more than he can chew dealing with teenagers. This retrieval might go south before he even gets the princess to the Fae realm.

The Fae realm and her new bonds beckon Adeila to accept her future, but can she forget her past? It might be harder to give up eighteen years of the life she’d been leading than she thought.

Find out what happens now.

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