A Rough Ride and a Rogue

    Hey Readers,

    It’s been a rough week. This is Melinda, the Scribe. Ran is here, and he’s fine, but I wanted to write directly to you this week. We promised some book news this week. Unfortunately, I need to push back that announcement.

    On Thursday morning, they rushed my father to the emergency room, and I have been back and forth to the hospital every day since and have not been able to finish what I was hoping to share today.

    My father is improving a little each day, which is a relief for me and my family. I thought he’d finally taken his dislike of doctors too far this time. Thankfully, the Angel of Death is Sarn’s sister, Sovvan, so she stayed away from the hospital on Thursday long enough for the doctors to start correcting the most pressing health issue.

    (Sarn’s sister became the angel of death in His Angelic Keeper Tempted, but Sarn doesn’t know about that yet. I don’t know when she’ll get around to telling him about that. Considering how many secrets they keep from each other, it might take a few books before she gets around to that.)

    February is a hard month, and I’m struggling to do everything I want to get done this month. I lost my sister on Feb. 22, 2014, and she’s been in my thoughts a lot lately. I miss her so much.

    She asked one thing of me before she died. She wanted me to write all the stories I told her over the years and publish them. And I promise I will keep doing that no matter what the world throws at me.

    The book I publish will be Rogue Ranger. It will come out as soon as possible on or before my birthday (March 10, 2023) in all formats.

    Patrons will get a copy of the ebook before that.

    When I got home from the hospital on Thursday, I needed to spend time with my favorite fictional dad fictional dad (Sarn), and it was finally quiet enough to record again. So I recorded the first episode for season two of my podcast.

    I’m sorry for the long wait. The construction next door went on for months with the only quiet time coinciding with when I needed to sleep so I could get up and commute back to the office. I saw them moving furniture into the apartment, so the construction must be done.

    You can listen to the episode and all the other episodes on YouTube, and I think the podcast is distributed to every podcast catcher now. Find all the links to all the places to listen here. In this episode, I read Chapter 20 from Curse Breaker Enchanted and talk about it and what’s going on with the books. There’s not as much commentary in this one because the chapter is really long, and my voice started to give out.

    So season two will be me reading Curse Breaker Enchanted to you and telling you everything Ran wants you to know about it. Season three, which we think will begin somewhere in July or august, will be His Angelic Keeper. Ran and I are still arguing over what we’ll do in season 4, but we have many months to figure that out, so stay tuned.

    Thank you for coming on this adventure with us. Without you, I could not do this. Thank you for sharing our books on social media, leaving reviews for them, requesting them at your local library, following us on YouTube and listening to our podcast, supporting us here on Substack and Patreon and buying our books. Every little bit helps me to keep doing this. Thank you.

    And yes, there will be more episodes focused on the deep lore that underlies my books since I had to sit down and map out more of it for Rogue Rescue, the sequel to Rogue Ranger. I just need a little more time to untangle that since they keep throwing more twists at me.

    Ran will be back next week to host this newsletter, and I’m sure he’ll have plenty of things to tell you plus more of Shards For His Gift. He’s decided that only newsletters where he’s the host will have previews of it. So there isn’t one this week.

    But every once in a while, I like to step out from behind the curtain and talk directly with you.

    Thank you for everything.

    —Melinda Kucsera

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