Book 10 and the adventure so far…

While Sarn is recuperating from his wounds and dealing with his sentient magic, a strange gift arrives without any information about who sent it or why. Only a handful people know where he’s staying now, and none would send him a gift.

For his son, this present is a mystery that must be solved if he could just get his hands on it. But everyone conspires to keep it away from him until the commander of the Rangers goes in search of the dragons under the mountain. Then everyone suddenly has larger problems than where the mysterious crystal came from.

Ran gets more than he bargained for when the gift does a lot more than glow. Once again, Sarn must rise from his sickbed and save his son, this time, from the clutches of a magical crystal.

***Shards For His Gift picks up where Curse Breaker Revealed ended.

So far this accurate, but you know Ran. He hates outlines, so we’ll see if he sticks to this through the last act. I’m writing this now and I hope for it to come out this summer. But I need the characters to cooperate for that.

Shards For His Gift will be book 10 in the Curse Breaker series. The characters decided we needed to tell this story before we get to the joust in Curse Breaker Jousts.

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