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I’m Robin, and this is the last week I’ll be serving as your temporary host. Ran’s itching to get back into the driver seat and take this email in a new direction. But that’s next week.

This week, you get me. Thank you for having me and letting me guest host! It’s been fun for me, and I hope for you too.

Unfortunately, it’s not been fun for my Scribe, Melinda, but that has nothing to do with me. She’s been sick for weeks and finally got to a doctor to get some medication to fix that. But the medicine has side effects, and that’s making her feel bad. She’s dealing with that as best as she can while still working and writing.

That’s why there have been no podcast episodes for the last month. And you know who is taking advantage of her in this weakened state. No, not me. I’d never do that. But Ran would.

He’s taking the 10th Curse Breaker book on some crazy tangents because Melinda isn’t feeling well enough to rein him in. Meanwhile, I’m sitting patiently on the sidelines waiting for her to return to my fourth book.

Ran could be a good character and get to the part, you, our dear reader, wants to see. But he’s having too much fun, and you know Sarn won’t rein him in. He’s injured from the last book.

Oh wait a minute. I’m receiving a message from another character in Shards For His Gift. It seems Ran isn’t the only one holding up the book. There’s a subplot with Jerlo and the dragons, and everyone’s rushing toward some kind of conflict with that.

Details are sparse since I’m not part of the cast of that book. It sounds like trouble’s been building for a few books, and it’s coming to a head.

Melinda’s posting chapters as she writes them from Shards For His Gifton Patreon, and you also get a copy when it’s done before anyone else as a thank you. So you can go and see what all the commotion is about.

Don’t forget to read the beginning of my next book. It’s on there too plus loads of other things. Chaos Rising, book 5 of the His Angelic Keeper series, and a secret project are also coming to Patreon soon.Go see what’s happening on there now.

And then come back for the end of my takeover when we return to chapter 1 of:

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Rogue Night

by Melinda Kucsera

Robin fiddled with the lumir crystal hanging from the second button down on her red coat while she waited. She wouldn’t go to jail. There was only one Guard. Robin would get past him. Would the silent wall of fur and muscle backing Wolf Girl up try to stop her?

Probably. He looked strong too. Damn. That guy was a big man with a broad chest and not much under the fur he wore as a cloak except a skimpy loincloth of the same fur.

That short furry loincloth seemed to be growing out of his more intimate parts, but at least they were covered. Shayari was home to some of the strangest people, but that’s what made her country so great and so trying at times.

Robin averted her gaze, but her face felt hot. Hopefully, everyone would chalk that up to windburn, not embarrassment for accidentally ogling that man’s private parts. But Robin set her mind to her goal again—get to the Rangers and get help to track her daughter down, and her blush faded.

“You can’t possibly believe her.” Wolf Girl speared Robin with a glare, and there was something in her eyes. Not anger, or grief, or any of the emotions that should be there. Was that woman smug about this?

What the hell was Wolf Girl playing at? Robin took another involuntary step backward as she felt a tug on her necklace. She’d stuffed it under her coat and buttoned it up to her chin to hide its glow before walking into this trap. But it was pulling her deeper into the cave behind her. Was that because the mage whose power had created it was in there?

What was he doing in a storeroom that couldn’t possibly belong to anyone other than the Rangers?  Their castoffs were everywhere her eyes landed. Did the mage she was looking for work with them?

Wolf Girl shouted more accusations, and her fur-clad accomplice glared at Robin, but Robin just turned on her heel and fled deeper into the cave and ignored them. If that mage was here, she would find him. But a hand landed on her arm and dragged Robin back out into the tunnel before she could search for that mage.

Robin came face-to-chest with the man in the wolf pelt, and he crushed her upper arms in his powerful hands. Oh my God, the backs of his hands were furry, and were those claws peeking out of his fingertips?

“Let go of me!” Robin was glad she was still wearing her red brigandine under her equally red coat. Both were fashioned from tough leathery hides, but only her coat was lined with down to keep her warm. Her brigandine was meant to keep sharp things like his claws from puncturing her skin, and it was doing a damned good job of that. But oh my God, he had claws like some wild beast.


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Thank you again for spending some time with me. That’s it for my takeover. Ran will be back at the helm next week when we return with more stories!

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