Allies and Anthems

Allies and Anthems (Picks up where Little Christmas left off) Three days’ absence was a black mark against him and that mark might cost him his son. Some lashes he could ignore, ruling against him in the custody battle to come– that he couldn’t handle; he couldn’t lose Ran, how could a Christmas journey cost him the one thing he wanted most? A present he’d bow and scrape to receive–custody of one child who meant the world to him, all legal, stamped, signed and sealed; bow, wrapping not required. Jerlo’s door loomed before him, dark, final, now opening to reveal a frizzy head–the … Continue reading Allies and Anthems

Sons and Holy Ones

Sons and Holy Ones (Picks up where May Angels Lead You In left off) Ran managed to give his Papa the slip. Let Papa talk adult things with the blessed. Ran approached the reason for this long trip. The baby watched him with dark eyes that guessed his intention and held out a hand so small, which Ran gently squeezed, smiling the babe’s smile. Starlight enfolded them; when it left, all had changed; Ran and the baby had grown, while time stood still, so they might talk together. “You’re the saviour,” Ran said in Papa’s voice. “Yes, storms come, you’ll need blessings … Continue reading Sons and Holy Ones

May Angels Lead You In

May Angels Lead You In Stars and angels sing a brand new year their songs bring– light and love, they sing. ~ ~ ~ May Angels lead you in… ~ ~ ~ They sing love and light, to create a new year bright with hope in your sights. ~ ~ ~ May Angels lead you in… ~ ~~ May your hope burn bright, your heart sing of starlit nights and love on the wing. ~ ~ ~ May Angels lead you in… ~ ~~ and should life be done may angels bear you hence to the Holy One. ~ ~ ~ May Angels lead you … Continue reading May Angels Lead You In