Wedding Bird Blues

Wedding Bird Blues

Why didn’t they send Phaedrina to do this?
She can turn into a spider and hide
when the guests file in, but no miss,
they sent me disguised as a bird. My hide’s
at risk, not my bro’s who’s shoving dishes
at my beak demanding poison sniffing
precision that’s possible in wishes
but not when a beak’s doing the sniffing.
Either this bird’s nose is broken or some
other beast should’ve been selected, a blood
hound maybe. “Did you find poison? More crumbs?”
hazarded my vexed twin. I pecked, drew blood.
He backed off, hands raised to check the wedding.
I resumed my systematic shredding.

~ ~ ~

“Oh my God, mom’s–she’s putting the smack down
on a monster with lots of tentacles,”
cried my brother before he bolted down
the hall to witness said spectacle.
I left the cake half-tested and winged o’er
to see mom, goddess of fate, in dragon
skin encased. Her black talons hovered o’er
the misbehaving serpent. No blood drawn
yet but that glint in mom’s infernal eye
boded ill for the father of the bride.
Mum’s pride and joy (the groom) stood idly by.
While in white lipped horror watched his blue bride.
Would mummy eviscerate the serpent?
Perhaps his misgivings he’d cease to vent.

~ ~ ~

No ichor sprayed the huddled wedding guests.
Mom sheathed her talons; the sea monster
retreated to a pond, his anger had wrest
control away keeping him a monster
in a shredded suit. Mom glared at his back.
Her jaws closed around me. My body itched.
Her magic receded; she stroked my back
with a black human hand, but she’d not ditched
my feathers; her magic held my bird shape.
I pricked her white silk gown, no rip. Her will
trumped mine. “Cause another war and they’ll gape
at the punishment,” mom said. I sat still.
I didn’t want her adding any more years
to my sentence, and she would, that was clear.

~ ~ ~

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~ ~ ~

   Prompt courtesy of Magpie Tales #295 and the Daily Post’s Unexpected Guests.

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